June 1, 2012

Bring it, summer

With only one week down of summer vacation, is it too early to say that some days I want summer to last forever? Not every day just those days. Those are the days that my children don't spew milky cereal chunks across the kitchen and living room floors. Those are the days that no one poops their pants and leaves a trail while grocery shopping. And those are especially the days that my daughter brings me breakfast in bed. 

The mini chef-in-training created these three breakfasts for me this week. She's eight years old, e-people. How do I trap this in a Mason jar and never let it go?

Breakfast #1: Whole wheat tortilla topped with one microwaved egg (no using the stove yet), cheese, tomatoes, and peppers.

Breakfast #2: Leaf of lettuce topped with tomato slices, hummus, and a dash of pepper. 

Breakfast #3: Frozen fruit. She originally topped it with a strawberry jam, which I donated to a twin for the no-jam option. 

She possibly just revolutionized breakfast for me. Oh, I don't just have to eat a Builder bar every single day, and salad is pretty darn good for breakfast. Plus I forgot how delicious just plain old frozen fruit is, and you never have the moment when you realize it has rotted into a pool of moldy mush in the back of your crisper drawer. Oops, forgot about you, grapes. If only I had frozen you last week.

Frozen fruit would have been perfect at this blazing hot festival at Railroad Park. If you visit Birmingham, you've got to check out this park. I love playing outside with downtown Birmingham as the backdrop. And where else will you find a band called Gritz and Jelly Butter? Only the South. They played the widest range of cover songs I've ever heard. There was definitely some Kanye in there, and I wouldn't have been surprised if some Skynyrd was thrown in the mix. 

So after a few days of settling into summer, we sat down together and made a giant summer bucket list together. Here are the must-dos that made the list. 

We forgot to add parkour to the list, but I've officially mentally noted it. 

And in case you think our list is sort of boring, my son recently mentioned that the neatest thing he'd ever done with his dad was changing the baby's diapers. It's all about lowering expectations.

And speaking of changing diapers, one of the three year olds brought this to me and told me it was poop. That's kind of what I thought when I tasted it. The textures are scarily similar. This was in the XTERRA race swag bag. Swag fail.

What's on your must-do summer list? You'd better say running.

Worst swag you ever received?


  1. Your daughter and her breakfast making rock! And I love the idea of the kids making a list of things they want to do in summer. Otherwise--it just passes so quickly w/o accomplishing much of anything!

    Ok--most recent race swag included tampons. Yeah, that's an odd one!

  2. Worst (weirdest?) swag ever was the Abreva (cold sore treatment) samples. "Here's some treatment for your Herpes!"

  3. Oh, my gosh! Can you daughter come over and make me breakfast? I mean I have a responsible teenager for babysitting and everything!

    1. She would love it! I'll let her know that word is spreading about her skills.:)

  4. So sweet that she made you breakfast! I've never tried a Power Bar and now I don't think I want to lol!

    1. Don't do it! Seriously, I have not tasted one Power Bar item that I remotely enjoy. So weird, but true.

  5. My summer to do list keeps growing. Right now I'm in the midst of planning a trip from here to San Diego to Boston and then back home. If I can pull that off I'll be doing good. I'm trying to make it to two family reunions too as well as do some speed work and read several books.


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