June 4, 2012

Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon (& 5K) Giveaway

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You readers are like my e-children. I think of you often. I hope that you are out there accomplishing great things in your corners of the world. I wish we had more time to sit down and talk once in a while. And I want to give you the best that I have to offer. My advice is usually mediocre, so I'm skipping that today and giving you a chance to get to work. That's why we're all here in the running blog world, right? We like to get out there and make things happen. We like to challenge ourselves to go big or go cry in a corner, and since we're not big criers (myself excluded, of course), we're just going to go big.

A while back I contacted the Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon series about giving something back to all of you ladies who bust it working at home and at the business. Each of you are out there giving so much to your family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and even total strangers (like me!), and it's about darn time you got something in return. Like a chance to kick your own butt at a race.


I watched Run for Your Life (the story of Fred Lebow, the founder of the New York marathon) this weekend, and it reminded me that there are two things I can watch on TV that are guaranteed to make me cry: 1. a baby being born and 2. long-distance race finishes. In the documentary, Lebow's co-workers talked about how he understood that the race was not just about the perks (pasta dinners and tech shirts), it was about the dream. "Each year he would embellish this [race], he understood that it really wasn't so much about running a road race. The reason it's so popular is because people are desperate for a personal challenge." It was about the dream that people had of achieving something beyond what they thought possible of themselves. Lebow said that when Alberto Salazar broke the world's record at the NYC marathon it was like a dream for him. "But dreams beget dreams, and you go on. And it's amazing how much more there is to do."

Maybe you already accomplished one of your running dreams, and now you're working on chiseling that dream into a new one, something faster or longer. Maybe you're just starting out and feeling that desperate need for a personal challenge to push you in a direction that you've thought about over and over again. Maybe you're happy with your current course and want to continue pushing along the winding path. If any of these describe you, this post is for you.

Yo Momma is partnering with Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon Series to give one of you awesome ladies a free entry to the half marathon or 5K of your choice. 

Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon series has five locations for their event: Bloomington, MN; Nashville, TN; Scottsdale-Tempe, AZ; St. Petersburg, FL; and (just added!) San Diego, CA. Each location offers the half marathon and a 5K, plus a billion other perks. The swag is great. It's empowering to be one soul in a river of strong women, and they picked some amazing locations for a girls' weekend getaway/race.

This would be a great race for you and your ladies to go to and talk as loudly as you want about tampons, nipple chafing while nursing your babies, menopause, boob jobs, and Justin Bieber. Because that's usually how I pick my races. Will I be able to yell as loud as I want about nipple chafing or not? Seriously, it is going to be comforting to me because, as already proven on the interweb, I am awkward.

I'll be training for the Lady Speed Stick Nashville half marathon, which will be an amazing chance to redeem Nashville in my running heart. Remember my last race in Nashville? Ouch, that hurt. This time I'm headed in looking to PR before my Boston qualifying attempt in November. According to the McMillan running calculator, I should be able to hit a 1:41 half marathon if I am ready for a 3:35 marathon. Bring it, Nashville skreets.

Here's how to enter to win your own race:

* In the comments of this post, tell me why you want to run this race.

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I'll pick a winner via random.org on Wednesday, June 13th.

And for those of you who are considering joining this race, here's a $10 off coupon code: YOMOMMA10TN.

Edit: This giveaway is now closed, but thanks for visiting!

Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon is providing a race entry for the winner and one for Yo Momma. Yo Momma received no other compensation, and any thoughts and opinions about this race are all independent.