June 28, 2012

Less running, more bubble gum apples and rabbit gardens

Workouts: Monday was a rest/driving day. Tuesday, I ran a five-mile progression run, but I bonked on the last mile and decided to make it a cool-down mile. My finish time was 39:??. It was really hot and humid outside, but there was one little spot of rain that felt nice. Then Wednesday was another rest day. Oops, I didn’t really mean to do that many rest days.

Being on vacation has not meshed well with my running (non)schedule. Because I have four young children and a husband who’s back home working, it’s almost impossible to find a good time of day to leave the kiddos at my mom’s house and go running. How do people do this on a regular basis? I would try waking up early, but my kids wake up if a feather lands on the carpet beside them. So I’m pretty sure that my clumsy-half-asleep getting dressed in the dark will wake them up. Did I mention that we’re all sharing a room? Oh, also I’m not a morning person, so maybe I’m making excuses to not wake up before dawn. But based on my regularly scheduled Saturday early morning runs, the slightest creak will wake up my kids.

Also, I don’t want to take up too much time finding a route, so I end up running through my mom’s small neighborhood a hundred times. I exaggerate, but one loop really equals .45 miles. The roads just outside of her neighborhood are really busy with no shoulder, and I’m not really into getting run over on vacation. All of this is making me sound like a super running wimp. Seriously, e-friends and especially e-moms, how do you make running work on vacation?

Today’s fun, a possible fractured foot from a hand weight being bounced off a trampoline onto a toddler’s foot. We’re in the express care waiting for an x-ray as I write this.

Other than trying to get admitted into the emergency room, our other adventures include swimming, swimming and swimming. We like to change it up. Fun game: how many floaties and noodles can you fit into the pool? Why would you even get in the pool if you didn’t have every single noodle and floatie in there already? 


Miniature horse farm, anyone? Don’t mind if we do. 

As long as it is attached to a miniature rabbit statue garden. Can you tell which ones are fake and which ones are real?

Toddler (meaning from a toddler not to one) tip of the day: if you get hungry during a photo shoot, just reach down and eat whatever your hand finds. Rabbit pellets? Sure.

With the healthiest sister who ever existed, it’s been easier to stay on track with feeding the kids (and adults!) a healthy selection. 

Here’s the lunch buffet.

It’s nice to feel so great from eating decent foods on vacation. We easily slip into snack mode on vacation, and when those snacks get sugary, especially for the kids, we melt down regularly.

Weirdest thing we saw yesterday: a bubble gum flavored apple. What the? Even though it lists “natural flavorings” as the only added ingredients, I’m pretty darn sure there’s nothin’ natural about it.

Have you tried flavored apples?

Give me your tips to stay on track with running while on vacation! I need them pretty desperately.

What is your favorite healthy road trip snack?