June 13, 2012

The real going commando post

Let's talk business for a minute. When I first started running it took me a minute to figure everything out. By a minute, I mean that it took me weeks upon weeks of wedgies to figure out what to do for underwear while running.

I'm writing this because after my post that mentioned the Go Commando race, for which I am the unofficial spokeslady, I started getting searches from people of the interwebs who obviously need to know whether or not you need drawers under your running shorts. 

The simple answer is don't do it. Ever. I tried every type of underwear in the universe, and nothing was comfortable after a mile of running. Maybe this is part of why I hated running in the beginning of my run life. The worst was boy short undies because if a small wedgie is bad, a giant wedgie is worse. The greater the mass of material, the greater the wedgie. Never forget that. 


Save yourself some dignity and hours spent in the Target lingerie department (what do they even call the boy version of that -- sock department?) and just buy running shorts. The unders are built right into the shorts and sewn into a wedgie free pattern. I feel like I should do some more research on why running shorts with undies never give me a wedgie. Is it the looseness? Is it the being sewn into the sides? Is it the magic of marketing? 

The other option is wearing some type of long tights or tight shorts. Again without underwear. I know some people who have expressed to me that this idea is disgusting to them, but those people may not have had a wedgie the size of Montana to help them figure out how awesome it truly is. Just wash your tights after you use them. Easy. No wedgie. Happy. 

So here's what you need to know in bullets:

  • Don't
  • ever
  • wear
  • underwear
  • when 
  • you
  • run.

And an added bonus at the end of a super informative post.


Do you do something different in the bum-coverage department? I want to hear about it if you do!