June 12, 2012

Seven random facts

Bean over at Just Plodding Along nominated me for a One Lovely Blog award, but more importantly, I'm pretty sure she promised we could run together one day. She lives in Arizona so it might take a while to coordinate, but let's do it. Also, she runs a half marathon a day (practically), and I trust her movie recommendations. That is a big deal in my world. You all know the friends who recommend movies and you just have to avert your eyes to the ground when they swear it's awesome.

So now I get to tell you seven random facts about myself. I'll try to avoid all random facts involving poop, but just so you know, my mind immediately goes there.

1. Ever since I started running, I stopped wearing open-toed shoes to church because running has warped my feet. I'm too lazy to paint my toenails, plus for about four months I didn't have a toenail on my right big toe. My right little toe is always half black. I keep expecting it to fall off, but it never has. It doesn't hurt ever; it's just black. I wear flip flops everywhere else, but there is too much quiet, stare-at-your-feet time at church for me to handle it.

You don't want to see what funkiness lies inside of these shoes. 

2. We are clothes steamers not ironers. We recently upgraded to a Jiffy steamer, and I have never been happier as I get dressed. A lot of this stems from the fact that I am horrible at folding clothes immediately after they exit the dryer, so we have a lot of wrinkly clothes up in here.

3. After season finales of TV shows, I experience an odd amount of sadness. Luckily So You Think You Can Dance exists, or the summer would be an utter TV failure for me. Last summer, I got to go to a taping of SYTYCD with my sister in LA. We cheered our butts off and made the most exaggerated facial expressions possible to try and get on TV so our mom could see us. It didn't exactly work, but we got gift cards for being so enthusiastic. The day we went was a vote-off episode, and it was surprisingly depressing at the end. The audience just had to get up and awkwardly slink out while all of the contestants were crying and hugging in the front of the studio.


4. Holding tiny babies does not appeal to me like it does to some people. I love kids, but I don't crave holding or snuggling infants. I have no problem holding my own children when they are babies, but it's not a magic serum, just a necessary part of baby life. My favorite stage of kid-hood is when they can start communicating their funny little kid thoughts to you in words. That's when the fun begins. Recently, I've learned that my three-year-old twins think about zombies and ninjas constantly.


5. I've always, always, always dreamed of being a contestant on Survivor. Yes, I still watch it. Yes, I know I'm the only one. It just never gets old for me. I even had the board game that I bought at a yard sale, never played (because, surprise, no one wanted to play with me), but kept for eight years anyway. Finally when we moved last year, I was able to part with it (and part of my soul).

Survivor: the place for ITL. Immunity challenge, tan, laze around.

6. If I weren't full-time momming, I would want to be a diplomat, and I would be working on filling up every spot in a passport. So after my kids grow up, I'm going to work on the second part of that.

7. When I get nervous when I'm talking to someone, I triple blink. That's why it's much less awkward for us to have an online relationship. No triple blinks for you to stare at and wonder what's making me so nervous. Also, I bite my fingernails when I'm sitting around and worrying about something.

What's one random fact about you? 

Are you a baby holder?

What's your nervous habit?