June 7, 2012

Thrift store Thursday

My daughter asked me yesterday if we could go to the thrift store, so I know I'm doing something right with my parenting. All parents have different scales of success when it comes to parenting, but mine definitely includes whether or not my kids snub thrift stores. I want my kids to appreciate reusing stuff and getting good deals, and lately I want them to learn that just because we go into a store, we don't have to spend money. They sometimes ask how much they have to spend at the store that day, and I am trying to slowly teach them that you don't need to go into the store with a goal to spend money. You can instead go in with the idea that if you find something that you love and need, you will buy it. In teaching this to them, I'm simultaneously trying to teach it to myself. Only buy it if you love and need it!

So today's purchases don't necessarily fall into both categories, but they meet at least one of the two.

It's kind of impossible to say that I need this as the water bottle bin currently floweth over at my house, but I definitely loved it. This is from the Goodwill in Gadsden, AL, where they have merchandise castoffs from Target. They water bottle was brand new, made by Thermos with Threadless artwork. After this purchase, I'll be weeding out some crappy (read: from swag bags and have crooked lids) water bottles because this one is awesome. I love the flip lid that protects the spout from gym germs, and I love that it's metal and doesn't taste like plastic after being in the car all day. Supposedly it is dishwasher safe, but I'm nervous about rubbing off the design in the dishwasher. $5

Next, I found some new Speedo swim shirts for the boys. Also, new-with-tag Target castoffs. I wasn't in love with these, but they hopefully will protect their little toddler skin. $3/each

These next two items aren't from the thrift store, but they were pretty decent deals that had me all up in runner heaven.

I found these CW-X expert running tights at a store called Essex, which is kind of like an outlet store with lots of items from random stores. It has several southeast (TN, KY, AL, GA) locations. This is the same store where I found my favorite Zoot winter running shirt for $14.99.

I had to immediately try them on in the car, only up to the knee so as not to scare neighboring cars. Very super hero, but they are supposed to compress and give your knees extra support. So now I can wear my legs out this winter and blame it on the tights if my knees hurt. Good gear makes up for stupid training, right? I think it said that on the package. 

Academy Sports had this Nike Fast Pace shirt on clearance for $9.99. The colors are purple and orange (even though that looks kind of hot pinkish in this picture) and will help me bring summer into winter with the bright colors. I hope some of my winter races actually have cold weather. Do you buy your clothes a season ahead like me? I usually do this with clearance racks for kid clothes, but now I'm moving that trend over to running gear.

What's your best recent (or not) running deal?

Do you have more winter or summer running gear? Definitely summer because the season lasts longer here, and even in winter I can wear shorts at the gym.

Do your kids wear swim shirts?

If you haven't entered the Lady Speed Stick half marathon or 5K race entry giveaway, go here to enter.