June 27, 2012

Vacation station

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Florida, here we come. Other than trying to drive through hurricane winds, our trip was smooth. I don't know what it is, but there's something special about winding down roads and seeing our country's terrain change from one state to the next. Good thing I love it because with a million kids we are pretty much never going to fly anywhere.

Alabama's skies were blue.

That changed once we crossed into Florida. Hurricane/tropical storm Debby was not kind to us on the roads. There were several points during the drive that I had to put my hazard lights on because of the thrashing horizontal rain. 

Now that I'm here with my mom and sister in Florida, it's pretty much Healthy Town, USA, because my sister is amazing with nutrition.

Just today, we chugged herbal tea,

swirled some chia seeds in water,

watched the seeds separate and expand, then swirled again, 

and finally gave that glass of seeds a good chugging.

Then in our staring at my sister's new bathing suit, I noticed that the top (also a sports bra) is reversible. Would you trade a reversible bra for a padded bra? 

All those chia seeds gave me energy to go swimming, except the water froze my legs before I could even jump the rest of the way into the pool. 

This dude has the right idea. Don't let the freezing water touch you in any way. 

Now for the celebratory first picture of froyo on my blog. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even a real blogger until now. We got this at my most favorite frozen yogurt spot on earth, Mochi. Mine, on the left, was taro and coconilla with blueberries and blackberries. I'm normally a chocolate person, but not with froyo.

And that, folks, is our vacation so far. 

Are you taking any trips this summer? 

Do you run while on vacation? I'm trying to get in at least three runs this week. We'll see if that happens.