June 15, 2012

Zero drop and flip flop

Workouts: sort of a loser of a week. Monday started off decent with a 5 miler in 38 minutes, where I got progressively faster each mile. The 5-mile progressive must be my favorite run these days because it's my default run every day that I can't think of something else to do.

On Tuesday, I rode 5.5 miles on the stationary bike and planned the next day's co-op summer camp class (surprise: I picked sports/fitness for my theme -- so fun), and then I ran a mile on the track.

I should have taken pictures of our camp, but we did two hours of active games with little mini-lessons about our bodies and healthy eating in between games and during our water breaks. The kids were amazingly cooperative and into every game we played. My new favorite was crab volleyball, where you tie a string across the playing field and two teams crab walk all over to kick or hit a balloon over the net. The only rule I gave them was that they couldn't get out of crab position, but they could use any part of their body to hit it while in crab. It's very entertaining to watch, and hopefully for them, it's fun to play. I used to teach kids' classes at our old gym, so this brought back a lot of sweaty-kids-going-crazy memories. Even though I scheduled myself to teach about Russian culture next time, I really just want to repeat this topic again. Crab volleyball will never get old.

Wednesday's busy day with the kiddos equaled no gym time for me, so on Thursday, I had big plans for the gym, like gym-hopping-for-two-classes-and-a-run plans. I woke up to a vomiting three year old at 5:30 a.m. The gym plans didn't happen. Instead, my husband got home late from a business trip to Texas, and after hanging out for a bit while I lazily tried to avoid the gym, my husband finally forced me out the door. By forced, I mean he encouraged me to go because he knew I was stir crazy from not seeing the sun, which makes me legit crazy. I finally ended up going to run after 10 p.m. Even for a night owl like myself, this is too late to run and then get to sleep at a regular human time, but I was super happy to get in 11 miles in 1:35. I left the gym at midnight, aka the time the gym closes. Yikes!

Bonus of late-night gym sessions: it's less awkward to take pictures of yourself because no one else is there.

Today, I hit a BodyPump class, which was (double fudge) cake compared to last week's suicide by TRX. Afterwards, I ran 3.5 miles in 28:59 in my new New Balance 20 zero drop shoes from RunningShoes.com.

Holy hippie granola, running in zero drops is harder than I thought it would be. This is only my second time trying it, but I'm determined to give it a fair go. The shoes are great (more on them after a few more test runs), but it was like my feet and legs did not know what to do. Luckily, I had already planned to take it easy and be flexible with mileage up to five miles. Obviously I didn't make it to five. First, I ran out of kids' club time, and second, my side was cramping horribly. It's been a while since I had a side cramp during a training run, and it was an intense puppy!

But I was cold pimpin' my Women's Half Marathon swag -- truly the best race bag ever -- so that kind of made up for the side-pained run.

I love that bag because it's water resistant (and fun colors), so I took it with us to the splash pad. It's also going to be my beach/pool bag for the summer.

Did you already grab your free smoothies at Tropical Smoothie Cafe? You have until 7 p.m. to wear your flip flops in honor of National Flip Flop Day and get a free smoothie. We got five! Definitely worth the drive.

National Flip Flop Day is the day you remember why your toddler never wears flip flops.

They fly off toddler feet in less than three seconds. Toddlers have no toe endurance for flip flops.

Doesn't it feel like every day is a holiday? If you could invent your own holiday, what would it be? Mine would be National Get a Normal Amount of Sleep Day because I've had a hard time with that this week.