July 18, 2012

Creek walking for the whole family

Workouts: I still do those occasionally. Let's recap from where I left off. 

Thursday: 10K for Livin the Fit Life virtual race. 49:18, trying not to push it after Tuesday's hard effort 5K.
Friday: BodyPump class, possibly a mistake the day before a long run, when I haven't run long in fuh-eva. 
Saturday: 13.4 miles in 1:58 with the Birmingham Track Club Saturday long run group. It was amazing to run with a large group with planned and stocked water stops. Why has it taken me this long to realize that they do this every Saturday?
Sunday: Hobbled around with sore legs. 
Monday: Started the Run Less Run Faster plan. 3 miles at 6:51 with 1/4 miles of rest in between. I needed an inhaler during the last mile. Including warm up and cool down, 6 miles total. 
Tuesday: Rest

We also got our fitness on at the creek. Creek walking builds the stabilizer muscles, right? Or just cuts your feet up with sharp-edged rocks. I was also surprised by the number of large water spiders I had to dodge. 

Whoa, whoa, keep it together.

Some of us don't really worry as much about staying dry.

Kiss my bad attitude goodbye.

How many tree climbers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? We lost count.

Not the same person. You can see it in the unders.

Catch and releasing.

With homemade poles.

Just as our sliced up, creek-walking feet recovered, it was time to party down for Yo Daddy's birthday.

Birthday dinner -- fish tacos or fish taco salad, depending on how big of a lettuce hog you are.

The other set of twins.

Yo Daddy asked for a Spiderman cake to make the twins happy. It totally worked. Tip: if you buy a plain cake at Sam's, they might give you a few Spiderman rings from the bakery stash to put on the top. One of the few times that Sam's actually had decent customer service. Thanks, random bakery dude. Plus, he gave me two cookies when I asked for cookie samples for the kids. That's right, the kids each got one, and he handed me two. I must have looked hungry.

Some other great ideas for you. My son brought this stuffed backpack to me and told me it was his emergency kit that he could take with him if he needed to make a quick getaway. Paper plates and duct tape? OK, I get it. Streamers, not so much. But what if the emergency is an impromptu birthday party? Then I totally get it.

Other great idea: pants as a sword holder. I just really would recommend not doing that with real swords. I originally took this picture as future blackmail because of how high his pants are pulled up. You never know when an awkward picture of your child could come in handy (think: anytime during high school and wedding receptions). 

Now it's time to kick back with a daddy pile on and a cold seltzer water, the one drink I won't try to steal from my husband. 

What's your favorite exercise to do with your whole family? 

Best birthday cake ever? Flourless chocolate cake made by my sister-in-law. Basically a giant piece of fudge shaped as a cake.