July 25, 2012

Go Commando Half Marathon & 5K Giveaway

Go Commando: no it's not just about no underpants. This is the second year for the Go Commando Half Marathon and 5k in Clarksville, TN, and just like the rest of Tennessee, Clarksville is surrounded by gorgeous. 

So here's a little refresher, in case you are new to Yo Momma. I ran this half last year with my big brother. 

It was the inaugural Go Commando race, and they had lots of unique bits going on in their race. There were dudes in kilts, which I'm pretty sure was just a reminder that you can use this race as an excuse to wear no underwear if you want. I kept wanting them to trip and fall, just so I could verify that theory. Plus seeing people fall warms my cold, cold heart. 

Or maybe a strong breeze would have helped us out. 


Moving on. This amazing dude set a world record for running the fastest half marathon time in a gas mask. 


He runs for Red, White & Blue, a non-profit set up to assist wounded veterans with reintegration. One hundred percent of the donations go to helping with this process so check out teamrwb.org for more information about running with them or donating. 

Did I mention that they give out Army shorts in the swag? Some people call them ranger panties, and they are a cool change from getting a shirt that will almost certainly immediately get lost in the race shirt black hole that exists in my drawers. In some cases, they leave less to the imagination. Ahem. Scroll fast if that idea makes you nervous. 


And they hand out dog tags for medals. Opposite of the boring same old, same old. 

The Fort Campbell army base is nearby so we saw a lot of military folks at the race last year. There were elderly ladies in full sweat suits (on a not so chilly day) cruising past us the whole race, probably pushing strollers and carrying on easy conversations as if they were strolling through a field of daises. I'm going to go down on the records saying that people in the military kick giant butt at any age. Seriously, I thought I had a pretty good finish time for a smaller race, but because of those butt-kicking military folk, I was not even close to placing in my age group. 

This race is still my current half personal record of 1:45, so this year, I'm going to have to kick it up a notch. It will definitely be a perfect competitive environment for a PR. You aren't just going to mosey on down to the finish line in this one. These people have got some fight in them, and they aren't afraid to whip out the big guns (their muscles, not real guns, y'all) on the course. 

They made some course changes from last year, which sound like great additions to the event. We get to run through their historic downtown this year, and like last year, the course takes you by the Cumberland River. Thank you, gorgeous river, for giving me something to think about when my quads are burning.


And after running Oak Barrel, I see what they mean about this course being relatively flat for Tennessee. Not relatively flat for Kansas, just for Tennessee. 

Registration costs $55 until September 30th, when it goes up to $60. The race is October 20th. Because Go Commando is a non-profit race, the proceeds go straight back into Clarksville's community. This year they are capping the race at 1,500, so if you know you're in, sign up now.  

So here's what I want: all of you running with me on October 20th! And definitely at least one of you will because Go Commando has agreed to provide a free race entry to one of you awesome people. Thanks, Go Commando!

To enter: 

In the comments of this post, tell me why you want to Go Commando in Clarksville.

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I'll pick the winner using a random number generator on Friday, August 3rd. I want to give y'all plenty of time to spread the word to your friends and family who would love to run a fun and fast Tennessee race. 

Go Commando is providing the race entry for Yo Momma and the winner of this contest. They are not offering any other compensation, and as always, the ideas and bad jokes here are my own.