July 20, 2012

I could really use a Foot Rubz right now (a giveaway!)

Before I get into the foot rubbin', I wanted to share that Running with Molly just signed up for her first half marathon, and I think we should all go show her some love. She's going to be taking on the Women's Half Marathon (with me!) in Nashville. Get it, Molly!

Now on to the Foot Rubz.

When was the last time your feet didn't long for a massage? Um, never. At any moment, I am ready to throw myself onto the ground and let any of our four children (or even strangers' children) pounce or jump on my back, legs, arms and feet. That's how desperate I am for a massage. I'll take my chances at losing a limb or denting a kidney with wily toddler jumps. Seriously, it's often unsafe.

I've tried the tennis ball method of foot massage, but for my smallish feet (size 7), the tennis ball is too big and flips out from under my foot before I can erase a single knot. My preferred method of foot relaxation is tricking my husband into thinking that we are having a couch date (i.e. we go watch a movie while the kids are sleeping), and then I launch a begging-for-a-foot-rub attack about five minutes into the movie. He's usually pretty good about granting me a few minutes, but I'll be honest, the poor guy is hard core sacrificing because I will be the first to tell you that I inherited my dad's foot odor genes. Sorry, dad, but you know what I mean. That junk is not always pleasant.

That's where Foot Rubz waltzes (or waltz -- that z in rubz is throwing me off grammatically) into the picture. I first found them at our local Fleet Feet when I was searching out a birthday present for a running buddy. That's the problem when you're buying a running gift -- if it's something really good, you have to get one for your friend and yourself. Being a good friend is hard work!

Now the Foot Rubz is my permanent buddy. I take him on trips. He watches over the floor by my bathroom sink so that anytime I am washing my hands or brushing my teeth, we can get a foot rub on. Occasionally the twins discover him and use him as a toy. Warning: the Foot Rubz is much denser than a regular bouncy ball and can easily take out a brother or two in a throwing match.

I've also tried it on my shoulders. Not as good as my husband giving me a massage (ahem), but it works to loosen up the tight spots. FYI, I just washed my hair before this pic so it's not just super oily.

If you are a piano player, I bet this would feel delightful after a long sesh at the keys.

Dimly lit pictures of my feet are the best because you can't really tell how mangled (by running) and gross they are. Keep the lights down, baby.

Forgot your hacky sack for your high school reunion, don't even worry about it. Foot Rubz has got you covered.

The deets in bullets: 

  • Small enough to really get into the arch of your foot.
  • Nodules with flat ends that dig into knots and hit acupressure points.
  • Grips the wood/tile floor so that it's not always flying off like a slick tennis ball.
  • Easy to take when packing light (carry-on only) for a race.
  • Can double as a spiky hacky sack in a pinch.
  • Useful as a weapon in a toddler fight. 

My Foot Rubz cost just under $7 at Fleet Feet. You can also buy them on Amazon or find a retailer near you.

Edit: This giveaway is now closed. Go here to see the winners. 

Better yet, let me send you one for free. Foot Rubz sent me six of these to give away to you awesome readers.

To enter: 

In the comments of this post, tell me which part of your body is most sore after a race or hard run.

For bonus entries (make sure to leave a separate comment for each so I can count them all!):

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I'll pick six winners (using a random number generator) on Monday, July 23rd. Seriously, y'all, it's like no one can lose with this one. 

I purchased Foot Rubz on my own, but Due North, parent company of Foot Rubz, supplied the prizes for this drawing. They didn't compensate me for this review, and the thoughts and opinions are all my own.