July 11, 2012

Livin the Fit Life Virtual 5K

*If you haven't entered my Olympic Oiselle tee giveaway, go here to enter.

Workouts: Monday, 4 track miles, untimed. Tuesday, Livin the Fit Life Virtual 5K plus warm up and cool down, 5 miles total. Wednesday, BodyFlow class.

Before I hopped on the treadmill for my virtual 5K yesterday, I decided to visit the stall where I can take crazy pictures with no one looking, except the world-wide web. High fives all around to the other virtual racers. Can we call them racees? My spell check doesn't like it, but I do.

I even put on a skirt because generally that helps all people run faster. Just stating scientific facts obviously. Take note, dudes. 

First, I trotted out a half mile around the track to warm up. I like doing the virtual races on the treadmill so that I can have photo evidence of the results, but I hate warming up on a treadmill! It just feels awkward and weirdy and like I'm never warmed up. 

Warming up before hopping on the treadmill worked pretty well for me yesterday. My legs felt ready to go. I had a bottle of Gatorade waiting for me, but it was in a regular, wide-mouth, easy-to-spill-while-running bottle. So I only drank immediately before and after the race. I had a small breakfast so I was worried about my energy finking out even with the short distance.

I started at 8.4 mph for the first mile, then 8.5 for the second mile, then 8.6 for the next .5, then up and up for the last bit as high as my short-person legs could handle. I think I got as high as 9.6 at one point. I was really trying to kick it in under 21 minutes, but as usual, I can't do math and run at the same time. 

Photo evidence at the finish. 

21:26 -- a new PR! My previous record of 21.33 was on a short road course (my Garmin said 2.9??), so I wasn't sure it even counted. I know this one got in the full mileage. The only good thing about a treadmill is you can't accidentally shortchange the distance, and you can watch an episode of 30 Rock while you run a 5K.

You know what I love most about this brand of treadmills? They don't cut you off at 60 minutes. So none of that starting and stopping if you have to do a long run on them. I feel like other treadmills are like my mom, telling me that anything over 60 minutes is extreme exercise and that they heard on a talk show that it is really unhealthy to run marathons.

I think we have until Friday to enter the virtual race, 5K or 10K, so if you're looking for some weekday workout motivation (who isn't?), give it a whirl. She also has some really cool prizes lined up for participants. I might shoot for the 10K tomorrow. Thanks for the e-motivation, hiker mom!