July 13, 2012

Oiselle Olympic tee giveaway winner

Thanks to everyone who loves the Olympics and Oiselle. And special thanks to Oiselle for providing the Olympic tee for this giveaway.

Congrats, Karen! Please email me at yomommaruns at gmail.com with the size and color you would like and your shipping info. Hurry fast so we can get it to you in time for the Olympics!


  1. Congratulations, Karen!!

  2. Hey, that's me. I'm super excited! Just shot you an email.

  3. Im a Karen, so I just got really super excited. But then I realized Im not THE karen so then I got sad. But THEN I realized I had brownies so I got super re-excited. Until I realized how much better they would taste in a Oiselle shirt. And then I had some wine.

    1. And this entire comment is why I love you!

  4. Darn, I was utterly convinced I'd won!! I may need to buy the t-shirt now.

    Congrats Karen. Both of you!


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