July 10, 2012

Oiselle tee giveaway -- it's Olympic!

* Edit: This giveaway is now closed, and Karen is the winner. Congrats, Karen!

As if Portlandia didn't already make my heart ache enough for Oregon, yesterday I watched Oiselle's Olympic Trials fashion show video.

The after-party featured MC Hammer and his son Booby. Side note: that's a bold move to name your son Booby. If he needs another cool idea, he could name his next son Vuhjayjay or Ladybiz. You're welcome, Hammer. But seriously, I would have given an appendage to be on that dance floor. My favorite Hammer song is the You Got to Pray Just to Make It Today song. When I lived in Russia, I spent approximately a million hours doing the running man while singing this song in my apartment. Don't ask.

Moving on.

I love the new Bum Wraps. Do I detect a cute little slit in the skirt? Need it. When can I order it?

Source: Eugene Weekly

Also, I think I saw some patterned Rogas in there. Love.

Source: Eugene Weekly

Did I mention that I love the Olympics more than cake? That's a lot. Unfortunately I haven't been up on watching every single trial that I wanted to watch (oh, that's all of them) because I rarely turn on the TV at home. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a media junkie (i.e. this whole blog biz-nass). But we only have one TV in our house, and we have to walk down a possibly-haunted set of stairs to get to it. That's on purpose so that we don't overdo the media. I will gladly run a marathon, but put a quad-busting set of stairs between me and a TV program and forget about it.

But 17 days from now (July 27th!), don't even think about calling me because that would really freak me out if you had my phone number because I will be down in the TV hole, biting my nails to the quick. I always do that when I watch sports. Nervous habit.

The only thing that could make my Olympic experience better would be representing in this tee every single day of the Olympics. Only lifting it from my shoulders for washing.

It's not just for the ladies, dudes.

Oiselle has some super comfy tees. In my welcome to the team kit, I got this shirt.

The tees are 50/50 cotton-poly and some of the softest tees to ever touch my skin. I really loved the feel of this shirt, and the length was perfect, longish to cover any potential plumber drawers problems.

Is one of your Olympic dreams representing in an awesomely soft Oiselle shirt too? If it's not already, there are still 17 days to reprioritize.

Thanks to Oiselle, one of you will get your color and size choice of the London Calling tee, for the men or the women!

To enter: 

In the comments of this post, tell me the one event you MUST watch in the Olympics.

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I'll pick a winner (using a random number generator) on Friday the 13th, my luckiest day/number combo. Not sure what it has done for me in life to have a lucky number, but at least I have it JIC. 

I am an ambassador for team Oiselle, and I originally sought them out because fell in love with their products, simply hip and comfy. As an ambassador, I get some free clothing and clothing discounts. This giveaway was my brain child, and Oiselle agreed to provide the product to the winner.  I receive no cash money compensation for representing Oiselle, but I do get lots of good vibes. And, hey, that's worth more than a bank deposit. Sometimes.