July 19, 2012

Rowing, parenting, and medal displays

Workouts: Wednesday was a 6-mile run. Two easy (6.6 mph), two at 7:19 pace, two easy (6.6 mph). Followed by a tiny set of ab work. Today was a spin class followed by 15 minutes of, wait for it, wait for it, ROWING! Maybe the second time in my life to try rowing, and I loved it. This Run Less Run Faster plan is looking better by the minute, but coming from a six days a week running plan, I am still nervous that I'm not running enough. 

While I may not have been working as hard with my running, I've been doing overtime in parenting. My husband was out of town for work, and our cousin came to stay with us for the week. In case you can't translate that last sentence: no husband plus five kids equals cuh-cuh-cuh-crazy mom. 

When you are pushed to your limits, you grow. Isn't that why we run?

One thing I still haven't figured out is how to get a decent picture of five (or six, if you add another cousin) kids. Someone is always (with a capital A) not looking at the camera. 

At the McWane Science Center, the twins forced me to put on a toddler pirate vest. Fat guy (or lady) in a little coat. I almost had to cut myself out of it. And my son was getting pretty darn Blue Steel-ish.

One hour of active play a day? I think they need to take my kids directly to the lab to test because I'm pretty sure they require about five hours. 

Last night, I headed over to Urban Outfitters because they have an extra 30% off clearance prices. With both Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, I feel like I'm shopping at a thrift store, except with size options. So I go there to get ideas for what I need to buy at the thrift store. 

Also, I go there to check out the wall hangers that I can use for medals. I saw this one last night. If that bad boy goes on clearance, my eighth-grade self is definitely going to buy it.  

This is my current setup. Yes, I know the one on the left is crooked. I broke the first one I put up and just used the same nail to hang up the new one. Kind of a lazy pants way to decorate.

Here are some other ones I picked up in the clearance bin for a dollar. I need to put them up so I can spread out the medals a bit.

Where do you store your race medals? 

How much activity do you think kids need per day? 

How many days a week do you run when marathon training?