July 5, 2012

Sweet potato fries make any day worth celebrating

Yesterday was all about loving America, but it was also about sweet rides and even sweeter eats.

How many kids can you fit around a tiny table? Looks like about four more could squeeze in to join us for lunch. And don't worry, we only let kids eat naked at our house.

When we weren't stuffing our faces, we were out meeting the people of our neighborhood. My sister and I decided to see how many cool people we could find and take pictures with in a day. For future reference, this is a really fun game that isn't illegal.

These are just a few of the options we found.

Bikers riding from Chicago to Miami.

Guy who created a solidly pimped out bike for carting things around town. Bonus points for patriotic reflectors on July 4th. 

Although this next one isn't a living thing, it's definitely as notable. How bedazzled can your fire hydrant get?  In case you can't tell in my high quality cell phone pic, that's a blingy silver-colored hydrant.

This guy was so into America that he made custom poles to fly double flags on his ride. He was feeling pretty proud (rightly so!) of his patriotic ride.

This next one is a sneak picture of the BBQ joint employee's keychain. Everyone working there was over 30, which is not an age that allows you to carry an Edward Cullen keychain. I should know because I almost got one before I realized I was over the legal Edward-Cullen-keychain-carrying age. So instead I put his poster up in our room. My husband loves it. Team Edward 4-ever.

The party didn't stop with the end of the Take Pictures of Random Strangers Doing Quirky Stuff game. We headed downtown for a July 4th Five Points block party that did not disappoint.

The food we planned was incredibly American and incredibly tasty.

We prepared these sweet potato fries with Paula Deen's help

I caught someone's tiny hand trying to snag a piece of the flag cake.

The kids got to hang out with their super cute and smiley cousins (see adorable blond boy for reference).

The block party band taught me that runners aren't the only ones who do their hobby barefoot. Check out this dude's singing rug.

It was all fun and games until the cops showed up to shut down some roman candle renegades. I was actually happy about this because last year some similarly brilliant people shot roman candles into the crowded block party, and they always wait until the actual city fireworks show starts to set their fireworks off. Ummm, that is the one time we don't want to see how annoying you can be with five roman candles two feet away from our faces.

But the wandering children and roman candle shenanigans did not keep us from loudly singing patriotic songs and trying to convince random block party strangers to engage in a dance battle.

And I'll gladly stand up, next to you, and defend her still today. Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land. God bless the USA!

I'm posting this a full 24 hours later, and I still feel like this (mostly from that crazy Peavine Falls Run with its four-mile-long hill).

What do you traditionally eat on July 4th? 

Does anyone you know have a July 4th birthday? My brother! It's always embarrassing when I forget to call him because I can't go with the "I forgot" excuse.

What's another fun and legal game that you like to spontaneously play (no game board required)?