July 9, 2012

Training plan choices and being a better boss

Workout review from last week:

Monday: driving back from FL
Tuesday: 4 easy miles, not timed
Wednesday: 8.2-mile race, 1:05
Thursday: calves kill from the race, yoga class
Friday: 30 minutes of CX Works and 5 miles of running
Saturday and Sunday: chasing kids, visiting family in KY

This week, my plan is still to relax and gather mental energy for the upcoming start of my training plan. I got two books in the mail on Friday.

My current instinct tells me to go with option one, Run Less Run Faster, which is pretty much the exact opposite of my previous training plan. The Hanson plan was all about running more and completely fatiguing your legs at all times. The bonus was that I was never sore after the three marathons I ran while using this training plan, but I think I'll trade a couple days of soreness for a little more freedom in training and hopefully a lot less injury. I had what I thought (not confirmed with an x-ray) was a stress fracture and some hip issues.  Part of those issues may have been caused by wearing stability shoes when I needed neutral shoes, but I'll really never know.

I like the idea of switching things up so that I don't get bored. I can always go back to Hanson because I think it's a great idea, and it got me a 3:46 marathon, about which I was super duper happy.

Thought of the day.

Source: Shape magazine, May 2012.

I was pretty outbursty with the kids this morning, so I'm headed now to get in my 30 minutes so that I can be a better boss for them.

Are you a better boss when you exercise?

What's your current training plan?