July 2, 2012

A trip to Salt Springs, Florida

Ever since a piece of poop floated past my face in a Tennessee lake, I've been anti-lake for swimming. Murky, questionable water supply? No thanks. Salt Springs, Florida, is a little watering hole in the Ocala National Forest with salty springs refreshing the water supply, and it's the opposite of murky. The clear, cool water was refreshing, and, the most obviously important criteria, there were no visible poops. Sold.  

If you're visiting, it costs $5.50 per person over age 6 to get into the park. Considering there is a free beach about another hour east of the park, I thought that was a little steep, but the live oaks with their Spanish moss were an amazing site. 

Clearly, Twin A was impressed.

While admiring the scenery, I accidentally became my mom's twin by hand-on-hip-ing it. You can see in the background of the pic below that you can easily stand in most spots in the water. The salt springs bottom was either sand or spongy green undergrowth, which I walked around. I don't really like mysteries under my feet.

As always, the best part of any trip is hanging out with friends, especially the ones you don't get to see very often. 

After the springs, we came home and got our fancy on with the nighttime tea. See the wall art? We raided it to have a legit tea party. Those dainty little cups are actually great to drink out of because of the thin edges. I see myself scouring future yard sales for these. Just another way that I am slowly becoming an exact copy of my mom.

Goodbye, Florida. We're sadly leaving you today, but our sun-scorched skin thanks us for our exit.

Do you prefer oceans, lakes, pools or springs? I love playing and relaxing beside the ocean but not swimming in it. Salt water pools are my favorite for swimming, and I love hot springs. Sorry, lakes, you creep me out.

How are you becoming more like your parents every day? My home decor looks like my grandma took over and started slapping vintage florals on all available surfaces. Well, not entirely, but I find myself attracted to vintage florals and glassware that I never loved in the past.