August 30, 2012

Shawntel Jones 5K, August, 25 2012

This race had a heck of a lot of heart. 

I almost didn't run this race. It felt inconvenient to run it on a day that I needed to squeeze in my training plan's 20 miles. The course (my neighborhood) would be hilly. Another $25 on another race. The entry fees flowing from my pocket never end. 

But this wasn't just another race. The race was dedicated to Shawntel Jones, an active mother from my community who passed away unexpectedly. Her friends and family wanted to do something in her honor, and when they heard that Vestavia Elementary Central (less than a mile from my house) was trying to raise $50K for a track, they joined in the cause in Shawntel's honor. I didn't know Shawntel, but she obviously knew lots of folks. And those lots of folks really loved her. 

On race day, we parked at the bottom of a hill and walked straight up the most-dreaded (at least for me and running) hill in my neighborhood. At least we weren't running up that hill. My first thought on the way up was, holy horde of 12 year olds. I think a lot of them were part of the middle school cross country team, but also maybe they heard there would be granola bars at the finish. Don't 12 year olds go cray cray if they don't eat constantly? 

At the start line, they all crowded in to be right at the front. I tried to just get right behind them because I didn't want to get tangled in all the preteen angst. Shawntel Jones' husband took the mic for a moment to thank everyone for coming. With some tears in his voice, he told us that this event had helped him and his sons in the healing process and that instead of raising $50K for the school track, the amazing volunteers and family friends raised $80K. Wowzers, that made me proud of my community. He then said a prayer (love that part of living in the South) and joined the rest of us for the race to start.

The race

Since I had already kicked out 10 miles earlier that morning, I knew this wouldn't be my best effort. My goal was to make the most of the downhills, don't stop for water (I drank a lot right before and right after), and just hang on until the end.

About a mile in, a lady passed me on a steady incline (go her), and she ended up being first place for women in the race. On the inclines, some steady and some steep, I just pushed along telling myself, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.

It took a little bit to weave in and out of all the middle schoolers, but we eventually all got into a groove. It was great that they completely blocked off the streets for the race, and we had zero traffic to contend with. Perfecto! The course even went right by my house, but my husband was down with the previous day's root canal so he didn't make it outside with the kids. But one of my gym running partners came out into her front yard to cheer me on. She even brought out a bottle of water for me, which was a lifesaver because I didn't want to get caught up in losing time at a water stop.

Around mile 2, I noticed that there was one particular dude who kept see-sawing with me. I would pass him, he would pass me, pass him, pass me. With about a half a mile left, I knew he was back there, so I tried to kick it in to make it to the finish line first. But I kicked too early. There was one more life-sucking hill before the finish line that I didn't mentally prepare myself for, so I pretty much gave up trying to kick as hard as I could. And random dude passed me just before the finish line. I could tell he was proud. You're welcome for your confidence boost, random dude.

There were no awards or posting of times after the 5K. I hung around cheering people down the finish chute, which they had roped off on either side so that it made a little tunnel that finishers could run through and get high fives. That was a nice touch. An announcer stayed on the mic, cheering on runners and announcing their arrival, until the very last runners crossed the finish line. Then all the action moved to the 1-mile fun run around the high school track.

Because I had already raided the snack table, water bottles and Gatorade dispensers, I figured it was time to get a move on and finish up my last 7 miles for the day. Not nearly as fun as unlimited snacks and smiley runners.

Best swag

My favorite swag was the bandage dispenser. Not kidding, I love useful stuff like that in my swag. I think we used them before we even got home from packet pickup.

Final numbers: 22:51.2, 2nd overall woman, 19th overall. Woohoo!

Have you ever run a race just to support a community cause? What did you run for?

August 29, 2012

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait

Workout: spin class, where we climbed hills for an hour. I think I sat down twice during the class. At least that saves the lady biz from that awkward, I-rode-a-bike-too-long feeling. 

Plus one BodyPump class. It's been a few weeks since I've done a strength training class. And, um, yeah, that's why people do those regularly. They pack the same amount of moves into one class that it would take me five hours to do on my own. I'm slowness. 

Then I mowed the lawn, which reminded me that just when you think the mosquitoes have begun to die out for the season, they resurge in a major way, all around my ankles.  

All of that exercise business makes the time move faster until I receive my package of Oiselle goodies that I ordered over the weekend. Another case of my husband saying, "Do you really need more running clothes?" And me saying, "Huh, what's that behind you?" Classic distraction technique works every single time. 

Another distraction is good eats. Sometimes I refer to my own blog for recipes. Goofy, yes, but I have a horrible memory. I have a horrible memory. Wait, did I already say that? This time I needed to remember how to make zucchini/squash fries, and after the second round with them, I'm still in deep love. Directions are here

Also we had a local election yesterday. It's so freaking important to me to vote in even the smallest elections. There were only two items on the ballot, but my kids agreed that it was worth the stickers and  lifesavers they got in return for walking in with me. 

My daughter took this picture before they told us that pictures weren't allowed in the voting area. Oops. I guess we need to work on rule obeying. Maybe the people I voted for will do something about people/rule-breakers like us. 

We also made a stop at Sam's Club, which recently started carrying giant bags of sweet potatoes. I'm seeing sweet potato fries in our very near future.

To balance out those veggies in the Sam's Club cart, I created a little thing I like to call The Best Thing Ever. It's the last of the ice cream (better if still in the carton) with a few Oreos thrown on top. I had to buy those Oreos to conduct scientific research for a friend. They needed to know if Oreos were smaller in other countries. Diameter in Colombia: 1.5". Diameter in United States: 1.75". Smallerness in other countries confirmed, and now we eat. 

Do you hate mosquitoes more than any other insect? If not, don't even answer that in the comments.

What are you eating for dinner tonight? I need ideas, e-people! If it goes with sweet potato fries, I'm in.

What's your favorite dish to make with sweet potatoes? 

Have you measured your Oreos lately? If you live in another country, what size are your Oreos?

August 28, 2012

Treadmills: bouncy or hard?

Workout: 1 mile warm up, 6 miles 7:53, 1 mile cool down

I set up a gym date with my running friend, and we were going to try running outside after I dropped my kids off at the kids' club. Why this hasn't occurred to me as a possibility before today, I don't know. Some runner ladies from another gym mentioned doing it at their gym, and I thought, what the heck -- I'm enforcing this at our gym too. I was so sick of the gym track and treadmill that the idea of that outdoor run to me was like the idea of filling up a shopping cart with anything you want at Toy R Us to a kid (or also to me). We were even looking forward to hills. That's how crazy runners get after months of this treadmill stuff.

But then there was rain. Suddenly the all-business runner in me turned wimpster and decided that the treadmill didn't look so bad. Remember last time I went running in the rain? The chafing has still not fully healed. I know you a-little-rain-never-hurt-anybody Washingtonians are shaking your north-westerner heads right now.

So we went treadmill. We started off on the crappier, bouncier gym treadmills because the best ones were full. At my last PT (physical therapist) appointment, the PT I worked with mentioned that I should try running on a less stiff treadmill to make it easier on my joints, but I think that's one PT rule I'm gonna have to break. On the trampoline (because of the bounce) treadmill, 6.5 feels like 8.5. About 2 miles in, my favorite Freemotion treadmills opened up so we could move. It felt so much easier. I'm all for putting the treadmill on an incline, but I think the bounce does not simulate what I want for training. Firmer equals more road-like for my marathons. If I want soft, I'll try to take it to the trails.

Also, I found the sweetest description of the first day of school in my daughter's notebook. This is exactly how I felt on the first days of school (especially because we moved a ton), and it reminded me that one person being nice or welcoming to you makes all the difference. Even as adults, this is a great lesson.

The twins are lucky that they'll always have an automatic best friend wherever they go.

Their second best friend is their Lego sword. Lego swords are just long Legos that their minds turned into swords, and they have to take them everywhere with them. Just in case.

We didn't need any swords at Fleet Feet this weekend. That place is so darn friendly. My friend Elizabeth was looking for some quality shoes to continue her exercise plans. She's like me in that she knows if she makes an investment in the right fit for her foot, it will inspire her to get out and make the best use of them. No wasted dollars! Go, Elizabeth!

Do you like soft or firm treadmills?

How did you feel on the first day of school?

Does making an investment in running gear inspire you to get out and use that gear more often?

August 26, 2012

Shawntel Jones 5K results and a Nuun winner

Dang, this day was jam packed with awesome. Sit back, grab your carbs, and get ready for an overshare.

First off, we have a winner, winner!

Cathryn at My Heart's Content won the Lemon-Lime and Tri-Berry Nuun. If you haven't visited her blog yet, you gotta get on that. I can hear her British accent when she writes, and I freaking love that! Here she is with her cute little boy after the San Fransisco Half Marathon. She's so tiny that her body disappeared under the blanket and it looks like she and her son are conjoined twins.

My Heart's Content

Email me at yomommaruns at with your mailing address so that I can send you your Nuun.

Plus, I learned a new trick for Nuun. Because I liked Tri-Berry better than Lemon-Lime, I tried mixing half a tablet of each in one bottle. I liked that much better than the plain Lemon-Lime. Happy times.

And just to make sure I give every flavor a fair shot, I picked up some Strawberry Lemonade today at Fleet Feet. Fingers crossed that it's a love.

So just to recap today's running plan: 10 miles, 5K race (yikes!), 6.9 = 20 miles total.

When I met my Birmingham Track Club long run group at 5:30 a.m., this cab driver was trying to solicit some business from us by calling out from his window for customers. From a distance we probably looked like drunken, into-the-wee-hour-of-the-morning partiers. But as he got closer, I would think that the extreme reflective gear and fuel belts would have tipped him off that we were out at 5:30 on purpose and not just stumbling around needing a cab.

This all went down right before someone else threw a beer can at us before they got in their car to drive off. Trail running was looking good right about then. Drunk drivers usually steer clear of nature trails. Right?

Mekelle, my big bro, and I ran the first 10 miles with a great pace between 8:30 and 9 min. miles, but I don't know the exact numbers because my amazingly lame-o Garmin decided to lose all of my data when it died after I completed my 20 miles today. Has that ever happened to you? It's amazingly annoying. But to distract from my Garmin rage, here's a picture from our run. We finally remembered to take a picture! Usually we are too delirious to remember anything other than our foot shuffles.

Then it was off to the races, the Shawntel Jones 5K. Before it started, I was thinking that maybe I could pull off about 24 minutes on the hilly course, so I was excited to finish at about 22:50. Official results are not up yet. I'll post more race details later so that you don't have to spend 100 more hours reading this one single post.

Then I took off to finish up my mileage. It was slow going after the race. My pace was between 8:50 and 9:30, but I came back to the high school track to finish up the last mile, which I managed to pull off in 7:40. I was happy to know that there was a little juice left in the tank, but mainly I think my legs loved the spongy track and zero hills. Hills, I love to hate you.

What is the perfect ending to an almost perfect pieced-together 20 miler? An ice bath and microwave cheeseburger combo. Yes, I did eat those burgers in the ice bath. I accidentally got lost in blog reading (on my phone) and cheeseburger eating and stayed in the ice bath for 30 minutes, twice as long as my normal. So somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes, your feet turn numb. Walking is so awkward with numb feet.

But I didn't have to walk far to get to the after-run party that my daughter planned for me. Including treats aplenty.

So the verdict on running a race in the middle of a long run is that it won't make finishing the miles impossible, but you won't get your best performance for the long run or the race. But if it's a race that you are excited about or it's for a good cause (which this one was), go for it.

What do you do to make your ice bath time go faster? Play cards? Make friendship bracelets? 

August 23, 2012

Good eats in my town

*Last day to enter to win some Nuun! Lemon-Lime and Tri-Berry.

And here's a little training wrap-up.

Monday: spin class
Tuesday: speed work, 2x1200 in 5:02 (2 min rest intervals), 4x800 in 3:17 (2 min rest intervals, plus 2 miles warm-up and 1.? miles cool-down to make 8 miles even (gotta be even or else the brain freaks)
Wednesday: spin class + 2 easy miles
Thursday: tempo run, 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles 7:38 pace, 1 mile cool-down, 2-minute plank

And the weekend plan.

Friday: rest day
Saturday: 20 miles, part of which will be the Shawntel Jones 5K
Sunday: rest day

I've never tried to run a 5K after doing part of my long run, so we'll see how crapster that turns out. My plan is to try and squeeze 10 miles in before the race and just throw in the remaining 6.9 around the neighborhood after the race. My training plan has five 20-mile runs, so I'm not really worried about this one getting patched together in a few parts instead of running it in one solid effort.

Part of my heart is dying because I paid to enter the Shawntel Jones 5K before I realized that it was the same weekend as Fat Danny's Trail Run. Fat Danny's is sponsored by the Birmingham Track Club, so entry into the race is only $6 for members. So I'm royally missing out on a $6 race -- I cry. The only redeeming part of this is that the $25 I spent on the 5K goes to help build a track at my daughter's school. Still, I cry.

The one thing that could possibly dry these race-frenzy-induced tears would be some of my new favorite Blue Bell ice cream. Banana pudding all day.

Too bad this was the last bowl. I think I see tear stains on the counter top around the bowl.

In case you observant e-people noticed, that is milk in the bottom of my ice cream bowl. The last couple of years, I can't eat ice cream without pouring milk into the bowl with it. Then I kind of slush it together and make a milkshake/milk ice treat. Have you ever tried this? Drop your laptop/desktop and get to it pronto. You will be so happy.

We had another great food find, spurred by a coupon.

The good news: we went on a date. The bad news: we sat down outside three seconds before a torrential downpour.

Here you have some stellar indoor cellular phone photos. Only the best for this blog. Mainly what I need you to see here is that for about $10 each, we got two Pyrex dishes full of food. For real Pyrex dishes, like the kind in which an entire family's worth of casserole or a giant batch of brownies is served. One Pyrex per person. I guess we could have shared, but we're both food hogs. Yo Husband had the falafel plate, and I had the gyro plate.

This place had decent service, jumbo (even to someone who just ran 18 miles) portions, and delicious grub. We will definitely go back.

You would think from a giant Pyrex, I would have more than this little handful of food left over for the next day. Still, I always do a breakdance-style jig in front of the fridge when I remember that I have leftovers to eat for lunch. Plus, it left room for more banana pudding ice cream.

How often do you go on dates? We only leave the house for a date every couple of months, but we have lots of at-home dates.

What do you do with restaurant leftovers? Hog them and never ever share with my kids. They are just as happy with PB&J ... maybe.

Have you ever run a 5K race in the middle of your long run? How did it turn out?

August 21, 2012

Nuun review and giveaway

If you haven't heard of Nuun before now, this might be the first running blog you've ever read. This stuff is everywhere you look on the interwebs! Nuun (pronounced like the noon hour of the day, not like the lady in a habit) is a tube of tablets that you can pop into your water bottle, and the tablets then fizz out electrolytes into your water. No shaking required. The past few weeks I've been testing Nuun out to see if it stacks up to its fanfare.

Why Nuun?

So why are people so over the moon about Nuun (oh, the rhymes)? They were the first company that separated electrolyte replacement from carb replacement.

Nuun has electrolytes like you would get in your old pal Gatorade without all the sugars. It does better than less sugar -- it has no sugar. To get the slightly sweet flavor, Nuun's active hydration tablets include sorbitol, a sugar alcohol which is also found naturally in some fruits, and acesulfame potassium, an artificial sweetener. See the label below for the ingredients included in one tablet.

Nuun also offers a new product line called U Natural Hydration that doesn't include any artificial sweeteners.

How to Nuun? 

Another reason that Nuun is so popular is that it is really convenient. The tube comes with 12 tablets that each can be added to 16 ounces of water. They make the tablets so that you can easily half them if you only want 8 ounces.

Over the period of testing, I kept two tubes in my gym bag with barely any added weight and zero inconvenience. I also carried a water bottle that I could fill up once I was at the gym. After you fill up your water bottle, you just drop (the tablet into the water) and go. Below is some Nuun working its fizzy magic in my water bottle.

I always opened the water bottle spout when I was letting the Nuun fizz because I was nervous about pressure building up in the bottle. Has anyone ever had a Nuun explosion in their water bottle? I just assumed it would happen but didn't actually want to test that out.

Nuun's taste? 

And this is where I was thrown off at first. Because everyone adores Nuun, I assumed that I would love it at first sip. Not so much. I tried Lemon Lime first, and I gagged a little. Not the reaction you want to have when you are testing something that you hope will be awesome. It tasted more alka-seltzery than heavenly. But like a lot of things that gagged me at first try (chia seeds and GU, anyone?), I started to get used to the flavor. Tri-berry was not gaggy at first sip, but maybe by then I was already used to the fizzy, electrolyte-ness of it from trying Lemon+Lime first. But after a couple of bottles of each flavor, I actually started to enjoy the fresh fizz (which goes away if you wait a long time before drinking it) and light flavors.

They have tons of flavors to try, but of the two I tested, Tri-Berry was my favorite.

When to Nuun?

Nuun is for you if you don't want to get your calories and sugars from a drink but you want to make sure you are replacing the electrolytes your body uses during your sweaty workout sessions. It has less than 8 calories per tablet and no sugars.

I liked using it during my shorter weekday runs, where I'd still like to replace some electrolytes lost but without adding extra calories that I don't need for my workout.

Also, it would be great to use if you prefer not to use Gatorade, GUs, Honey Stingers or Shot Bloks on your long runs. So if you're into fueling with Sour Patch Kids or PB&Js, this would be an excellent means of rounding out your electrolyte intake without eating electrolyte-enhanced foods.

It is comparable to GU Brew, which uses sorbitol, fructose and stevia leaf extract for sweeteners and has 10 calories per serving. Nuun is less expensive at $6/12-tablet tube versus GU's $6.50/12-tablet tube. Also, if you purchase eight tubes or more, Nuun's price goes down to $5.50/tube.

Would you like to try some Nuun or (more likely) add to your Nuun stash? Nuun sent me an extra tube of Tri-Berry and Lemon+Lime so I could share them with one of you awesome readers.

To enter: 

In the comments of this post, tell me why you need some Nuun right now.

For bonus entries (make sure to leave a separate comment for each so I can count them all!):

* Follow (or already follow) Yo Momma Runs via Google Friend Connect. Leave a comment telling me you do.

* Follow (or already follow) Yo Momma Runs on Twitter. Leave a comment telling me you do.

* Follow Nuun on Twitter. Leave a comment telling me you do.

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* Like Nuun on Facebook. Leave a comment telling me you do.

* Share this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or your blog. Leave a separate comment for each share!

I'll pick a winner on Friday, August 24th.

Nuun sent me two tubes of Nuun to try and two tubes to share with Yo Momma readers. I received no payment for my review, and as always the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

August 20, 2012

Running in the rain

First off, The Long Run. It deserves to be capitalized because it was tough as nails, the really thick and long kind. First, we followed the wrong group after the first water stop. Who are those people who started with us at 5:30 a.m. just to veer off after a mile? So tricky. That's when planning in advance would have come in handy, but I changed my plans at about 11 p.m. the night before, which meant that the group run which was previously out was now in. So I didn't look at the map, but I made sure to be on time so that I didn't have to play catch up. Well that plan went out the window. Not only did we have to try and catch up, but we had to trek back up a hill down which we had followed the decoy long-run group. Thank goodness for my running partner and her determination to keep trucking, or I might have given up at mile one. 

We finally caught up to some ladies from the group who had the route map (it changes every week) memorized. Seriously, they quoted half of the instructions (there were lots and lots and lots of turns) with no problems while I typed into my notes app. Just another reason that I'm happy that I always run with my phone. There is no way that my long-run brain, even two miles in, would have retained that information. Next time, no matter what time I decide that the run is on, I am looking at the map (on my computer because my phone won't pull up the mapping program they use, weaksauce). Seems so simple, yet I manage to keep messing that one up. 

So once we were finally running in the right direction and managing a decent pace, the rain started. I thought, that's fine because it's just a slight sprinkle. And five minutes later that thought turned into, I can't see because of the giant rain drops in my eyeballs, and I'm pretty sure that was lightning that just struck right beside my foot. Later I learned that people in the group had stopped running because of the lightning. I'm glad I didn't know that I should be worried (I mean I wasn't in a swimming pool, unless you count how full of water my shoes were) because I most definitely would have used that as an excuse to cut the run short. 

Still trucking along, we found another group that was hitting up the same mileage and pace we were, so we started tagging along with them. Somewhere in there we also ran some serious hill-age as the lightning buzzed past our cheeks. If soggy shoes won't tire you out, hills plus soggy shoes will. About halfway through, I knew we weren't going to make our goal pace for the day (8:57), and honestly, I was just happy to be finishing. Period. My feet were soaked and blistering, and the first two toenails on each foot felt like goners. We ended on a good note though, working hard the last mile and finishing our 18 miles in 2:46. Pretty good for a crappy day. The one bright spot was that it was not as hot as it has been. Yay for rain clouds blocking out the sun.

My awesome running-in-the-rain tips/observations:

* Short runs in the rain are fun and exciting, like an adventure. Long runs in the rain may make you want to saw off your legs. 

* Completely soaked shoes are really heavy. Take time to thoroughly complain about this to everyone who will listen. Fellow runners love that. And you might as well start splashing in puddles for fun. 

* Everywhere that you never chafed before will now chafe. Cover your entire body in Body Glide, or just take a pillow into the shower with you so that you can scream into it as the water pounds the chafiness. 

* Sunglasses are totally useless against rain pellets. Hats might help. The best option is to just close your eyes and follow the voice of your running partner. 

* If you get thirsty, just let the rain rivers on your face drip into your mouth. CamelBaks not needed. 

And in the not-running sphere, we celebrated the first day of school today. In honor of the occasion, we finally cut the shag. 

He was really not happy about all the hair bits getting into his mouth. He tried repeatedly spitting them out, hence the spit bib on his shirt. Because I know he would never want to forget the night before second grade started, I still made him take an after picture.

By the next morning, he had forgotten how awful it was.

Today was my daughter's first day at a new school, so we tried our hardest to embarrass her. My hanging out the window during the crowded carpool and yelling for her to turn around so we could take her picture (all in my pajamas, no bra, and unbrushed hair) totally worked. Point for Team Mom. 

What do you do when it starts to rain during a run? 

Would you go inside when lightning starts during a run?

What's your favorite way to embarrass your children or friends?

August 18, 2012

Cheribundi giveaway winner

Results are in for the Cheribundi giveaway. Thanks, everyone, for entering and sharing the giveaway!

Jen over at Hello Fitness ... We Meet Again won the 12 pack of Cheribundi. Email me at yomommaruns at with your shipping info. Thanks so much to Cheribundi for sponsoring this giveaway.

August 16, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

**Last day to enter the Cheribundi giveaway. Get a 12 pack to test!**

Workout: 2 warm-up miles at a 9:30 pace, 4 miles at 7:23 pace, walking cool down

Today was a tempo run day after yesterday's rest day. I'm still feeling congested, but it didn't seem to affect my run. I actually feel better when I'm running. It's when I'm not running that I feel crapsterrific, especially in the early morning because the congestion piles up all night. If you need any other appetizing mental images, feel free to visit my blog on any given day.

We're still going strong on Operation Do Every Possible Activity Before School Starts. Today and tomorrow we have plans to hit up the zoo.

I love animals whose names are also a possible sound they would make ... macaw, macaw. And, yes, we definitely always say it like we are a squawking bird.

I also love that I can only get one kid to look at the camera at a time. That is going to be a running theme for the life of this blog.

Summer threw me off my thrift store game, so I haven't done a Thrift Store Thursday post in several weeks. For shame.

We visited my favorite thrift store in Gadsden, AL, yesterday. Because they sell Target cast-offs, it's like an entire store of Target clearance end caps. Since we're heading back to school next week, we checked off some things on the back-to-school list.

Brand spanking new backpack, $7.

Dance moves and raps, gratuitous. 

My daughter needed a new suitcase because she blew out an outer pocket on her last one by packing 30 pairs of underwear for a weekend trip. This is not a joke. I think what happened is she never took out the extra, hopefully unused, underwear she packed from previous trips. When you never empty a pocket and continue to add items, a blowout is inevitable. The same is true of our intestines.

Brand new suitcase, $15. Brand new backpack $7.

Do these faces look familiar?

Oh, that's why. Except I think the Harajuku Minis brush their hair more regularly. 

This last item has been on my running wish list for a long, long while. Somehow I have good luck finding new, unused running hydration tools at the thrift store. Remember this Fuel Belt?

Handheld water bottle, $3.

It even has a picture of a runner on the packaging. Legit. I'm pretty sure that this was my last step to becoming a real trail runner.

And if you need a good laugh, this is the follow up to Ryan Lochte's confession that he pees in the pool. 

Are you still buying school supplies? 

What is on your running wish list?