August 1, 2012

Clearance Mizunos, prize winning, and more family reunion

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Workouts: On Monday, I cycled for 9 miles in a little over 30 minutes, and I went to a Bodyflow class. The class was especially needed after my taxing long run this weekend. 

On Tuesday, I had a late-night run at the gym. I was supposed to run this:

Warm up 1.5 miles
1200 in 5:02 (200 rest)
1000 in 4:09 (200 rest)
800 in 3:17 (200 rest)
600 in 2:27 (200 rest)
400 in 1:36 (200 rest)
Cool down 2 miles

It ended up being something vaguely similar to that because I am still having a hard time translating those calculations to treadmill miles/increments. I stood at the treadmill for ten minutes just calculating. Plus I used one iPod for notes, one iPhone for timing (because it's hard for me to add and subtract times in my mind sometimes during a run), and the treadmill for general mileage. If sweat is any indication of effort, I worked buckets full. The sweating may have been from mental exertion alone. Total mileage with warm up and cool down was 7. 

Also, I started breaking in these Mizunos last night. They are the Wave Rider 14s that I picked up at TJ Maxx on clearance for $30! For some reason, my husband thought I didn't need these. Something about already having a million pairs of running shoes. Awkward moment. 

I usually wear a 7.5 in running shoes, but with Wave Riders an extra .5 feels necessary, otherwise they are a bit tight. So I ended up with an 8. I read in online reviews that some people hated how high the back of the shoe came up on their heel, but that didn't bother me at all. I will probably put in new insoles for my high arches, but other than that, nothing stood out to me about them on the first wear. 

Here are some other scores lately. My son is modeling one of the warrior dash helmets we won from Running Kellometers, who is also one of my Oiselle teammates. The helmet is only slightly shaggier than his actual hair.

Then I won this package of Premier Protein goodies from Stuft Mama, who also has toddler twin boys and sometimes has fitness dates with Bob Harper. The Premier Protein packaging department has some over-the-top cute packaging going on. Yes, you are seeing sparkly confetti in there.

Speaking of winners, Onlykid hasn't contacted me yet for the Foot Rubz giveaway. I'm going to give them until Thursday at noon to contact me, and if I don't hear from them, I'll pick a new winner. If you are one of the other five winners, I sent out your packages yesterday. Speaking of Foot Rubz, I need to fish mine down from the top of the blinds, where the twins last threw it, and give my feet a going over.

My memories from last week's reunion are still lingering in the mindscape. I wish it lasted about two weeks longer, although my father-in-law, who may be reading this, is probably singing hallelujah that it only lasts one long weekend. Having a hundred people take over my living room would get annoying after three seconds, so I'm impressed by his tolerance of the hoards.

As we shuffled through pictures last night, I found a few more photos that made me laugh-smile.

My husband finally got the sidecar attached to a bike just in time for the family reunion, and he gave lots of bumpy sidecar rides around the farm. Kids and adults loved getting a brain-scrambling ride.

I also fell in love with my husband's new truck stop hat. Why, yes, that is a camouflaged stripe around the middle. Available at most truck stops. Maybe just in the South.

Remember how we played an awesome family soccer game? I like this picture because it looks like I'm doing my two favorite activities all at once, using a port-o-pot and playing soccer.

And this one is proof that if my legs were about two inches longer, I would really be doing something cool. Instead, my nephew just easily stole that ball.

This is the whole soccer crew, not smiling on purpose because we're that tough.

One final picture of the entire crew at the reunion. Holy bajoly, that's a lot of folks. Again, this is just my husband's parents with their ten kids and spouses and their kids' kids. Plus my husband's grandma. It's never boring.

Have you ever worn Mizunos? This is my first pair.

What's one thing you love about your family?

What's your favorite sport besides running? I am so into US women's Olympic soccer right now. I'm praying hard for gold.