August 23, 2012

Good eats in my town

*Last day to enter to win some Nuun! Lemon-Lime and Tri-Berry.

And here's a little training wrap-up.

Monday: spin class
Tuesday: speed work, 2x1200 in 5:02 (2 min rest intervals), 4x800 in 3:17 (2 min rest intervals, plus 2 miles warm-up and 1.? miles cool-down to make 8 miles even (gotta be even or else the brain freaks)
Wednesday: spin class + 2 easy miles
Thursday: tempo run, 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles 7:38 pace, 1 mile cool-down, 2-minute plank

And the weekend plan.

Friday: rest day
Saturday: 20 miles, part of which will be the Shawntel Jones 5K
Sunday: rest day

I've never tried to run a 5K after doing part of my long run, so we'll see how crapster that turns out. My plan is to try and squeeze 10 miles in before the race and just throw in the remaining 6.9 around the neighborhood after the race. My training plan has five 20-mile runs, so I'm not really worried about this one getting patched together in a few parts instead of running it in one solid effort.

Part of my heart is dying because I paid to enter the Shawntel Jones 5K before I realized that it was the same weekend as Fat Danny's Trail Run. Fat Danny's is sponsored by the Birmingham Track Club, so entry into the race is only $6 for members. So I'm royally missing out on a $6 race -- I cry. The only redeeming part of this is that the $25 I spent on the 5K goes to help build a track at my daughter's school. Still, I cry.

The one thing that could possibly dry these race-frenzy-induced tears would be some of my new favorite Blue Bell ice cream. Banana pudding all day.

Too bad this was the last bowl. I think I see tear stains on the counter top around the bowl.

In case you observant e-people noticed, that is milk in the bottom of my ice cream bowl. The last couple of years, I can't eat ice cream without pouring milk into the bowl with it. Then I kind of slush it together and make a milkshake/milk ice treat. Have you ever tried this? Drop your laptop/desktop and get to it pronto. You will be so happy.

We had another great food find, spurred by a coupon.

The good news: we went on a date. The bad news: we sat down outside three seconds before a torrential downpour.

Here you have some stellar indoor cellular phone photos. Only the best for this blog. Mainly what I need you to see here is that for about $10 each, we got two Pyrex dishes full of food. For real Pyrex dishes, like the kind in which an entire family's worth of casserole or a giant batch of brownies is served. One Pyrex per person. I guess we could have shared, but we're both food hogs. Yo Husband had the falafel plate, and I had the gyro plate.

This place had decent service, jumbo (even to someone who just ran 18 miles) portions, and delicious grub. We will definitely go back.

You would think from a giant Pyrex, I would have more than this little handful of food left over for the next day. Still, I always do a breakdance-style jig in front of the fridge when I remember that I have leftovers to eat for lunch. Plus, it left room for more banana pudding ice cream.

How often do you go on dates? We only leave the house for a date every couple of months, but we have lots of at-home dates.

What do you do with restaurant leftovers? Hog them and never ever share with my kids. They are just as happy with PB&J ... maybe.

Have you ever run a 5K race in the middle of your long run? How did it turn out?