August 7, 2012

My women's Olympic soccer freak out

Workout: yesterday I made it to a 30-minute Bodypump class and then snuck over to a yoga class. Wow, downward dog is tough after a weight-lifting session. Every time we went to downward dog, my arms were shaking, but I did manage my first yoga handstand with a little help from the teacher.

Just like this one.

From Trehop's Blog

Going to a real yoga class (vs. Bodyflow -- which is what my gym mostly offers) was such an amazing treat, and it reminded me that a great yoga class makes me feel like I just had a full body massage. This class did just that. So my new task is to remember that this instructor teaches Monday nights. Retain, brain, retain. 

I've been reserving all Olympic blubbering until I just couldn't contain it anymore, and that moment came yesterday with the women's soccer semifinal, USA vs. Canada. The game was so intense that my heart was racing the entire second half. My hands were shaking so badly that I could barely type my annoying play-by-play Facebook status updates. I can't imagine how I would actually feel as an Olympic competitor because just watching the games is stressful enough for me. 

Sometimes I always exaggerate, but the above recap is completely accurate. Yesterday, my hands were shaking, people. That is over the top. If my kids whispered a question to me, I shushed them. I required two hours of silence or only talking in the other room. 

Except we were all allowed to yell and crazy dance when team USA scored. 


After last year's USA penalty-kick loss to Japan in the World Cup final, I was one of those people crying in a heap on their living room floor.


So I wanted to see a USA and Japan rematch in this Olympic final.

And even though I was hoping for a USA win, this Canadian girl was freaking amazing, scoring three points in one match (aka a hat trick). When they zoomed in on this face after the third goal, her dagger eyes scared me enough to pee my pants.


OK, complete Olympic delirium over. Thanks for still being e-friends through it all.  

Did you watch yesterday's women's soccer match?

Have you bitten all your fingernails off during any events this Olympics?