August 3, 2012

New Foot Rubz winner and myofascial massage

*Last day to enter to win an entry to Go Commando Half Marathon/5K. Go here to enter! You choose whether or not to throw out your unders before the start line.

Workout: One warm-up mile and six miles at 7:53 pace. Cool down was walking some track laps and stretching. This week has been full of nonexistent oomph for running because I've had a slight cold. So I was happy to be finished with that run, and I'm looking forward to taking an extra rest day today. My body just told me that I needed it, so like I do with the twins when they are whining, I'm giving in.

It probably doesn't help my body feel any better that when I went to Costco this week they were out of Costco natural peanut butter, so instead I bought Nutella. It totally made sense at the time, but now I have these two giant jars of Nutella staring me in the face every time I crack open the cabinet. Note to readers: never buy Nutella in bulk. That just means that you have to eat it in bulk, but y'all probably already figured that one out. Some of us (me) are slower.

Does it count as acceptable if you at least eat it with fruit?

Mostly I want to be doing this right now (it's the Nutella talking), so I'm gonna keep this post short.

This was my son in the middle of the gym playground. He finds it thrilling.

For the Foot Rubz giveaway, one of our winners didn't claim her prize, so I'm picking a new winner. I random numbered it, and this time #4 Ashley is the winner.

If you are Ashley from that cute picture by the ocean, email me at yomommaruns at with your shipping address, and I will send out a Foot Rubz to you.

In other news, I reached one of my goals for the year: volunteer for the local Birmingham Track Club. I make pretty much the worst volunteer ever because with momming, I can only volunteer from home or at 4 a.m. or midnight. Not the prime volunteer hours. So I was excited to be able to contribute to this month's BTC newsletter. Plus on Saturday I'm bringing drinks for a long run water stop (still counting it even though it's self-serving volunteerism). Bam, two volunteers in one week. I think it's the Olympic spirit.

Also, today I will have my first visit with a local physical therapist who practices myofascial release. A few months ago, I had a myofascial massage from a Groupon, and it was the best hour of my life. Well, best hour of my massage life. This physical therapist also accepts our insurance, so the outcome I am hoping for is just as great of a myofascial session for even cheaper (not including the cost of our policy) than a Groupon. Maybe I can sneak in some pictures.

Do you ever regret buying in bulk? 

What do you do to volunteer in your community? 

Have you tried myofascial massage/release?