August 14, 2012

Rest days, fartleks and House Hunters

Workouts: zero

I've had a lingering cough for the last couple of weeks, and yesterday it felt like congestion was spreading into my sinuses. So I hit up the herbal medicine cabinet hard core and took an unscheduled rest day that is spilling over into today. It may end tonight because Alabama Outdoors is restarting their Tuesday night Red Mountain trail runs. Go here for more info about the runs. Oh man, if you take that last sentence out of context, it can be really funny, especially if you have low standards for humor like me.

Thank goodness I have three little boys who enjoy potty humor, and not surprisingly, my daughter does too. I find myself at the dinner table laughing hard and then putting my serious face on and saying, "But don't say that at school." A lot.

One of yesterday's highlights was browsing online and finding some t-shirt slogan ideas that members of our local track club had submitted for a contest. One of the generously submitted slogans was, "Did you just fartlek?" I laughed hard and then found this whole collection of fartlek-themed shirts on Cafe Press.

And for anyone, like me for pretty much forever, who doesn't know what a fartlek is, it's Swedish for "speed play." In running, it just means that you vary your speed, so you would sprint/run faster for a bit then jog for a bit. Not for set times or distances, like some more structured speed workouts, but just based on how your body feels. The Swedes and their awesome words. I thank them.

After my solid weekend of lounging and eating pizza and nutella, I finally ate vegetables again. It was like eating life (versus nutella death).

We also packed a lunch for my husband with the leftovers. Did I mention that our refrigerator isn't working? So we have to get rid of all food as fast as possible. But the freezer works, so we popped this into the freezer, and it was like a homemade Healthy Choice, except a million times better.

Last exciting news of the day. I stayed up late to watch my friend from college (purple sweater) on HGTV House Hunters International. They were searching for an apartment in Bogota, Colombia. House Hunters is possibly the all-time, most-watched show of my life, so to have a friend on it was the best thing that happened to me yesterday. When you've been lying in bed all day, small joys turn huge.

Do you ever run fartleks?

What was the last vegetable you ate? 

When was the last time you took a sick day off of running? 

Do you watch House Hunters? Did you see that episode last night?

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