August 15, 2012

Samples, swag and summer

Workout: 6-ish miles at Red Mountain Park

My brother and I joined the folks of Alabama Outdoors for their Tuesday night Red Mountain Park trail run. I was a little iffy going into this because of this darn cough that won't go away, but I made it through without any major cough spasms. It took me about 3 miles to get warmed up, but after that, we had some great conversation about health care reform, which was interesting enough to help me forget that I was running.

Plus we nabbed some free samples for the road. Who doesn't love free samples?! Looks like perfect long-run fuel for Saturday. I'm a little nervous about the GU brew, but I've been testing some Nuun so it'll be good to have something to compare. 

Finally, we got a replacement fridge for our broken one. Now we just have to get replacement condiments to go with it. Even though I hate wasting food, it was kind of refreshing to just do a giant food dump. You know how some sauce bottles linger on forfreakingever in your fridge. Well, those are gone now. Moving on to newer, fresher condiments. Also, I can buy vegetables again!

We're also trying to play our brains out before school starts on Monday.

To shag it out even longer or give a haircut -- that is the question.

Last little bit o' news: today is the last day to register for the Nashville Women's Half Marathon before prices increase. Plus you can still use the coupon code YOMOMMA10TN for $10 off. I'm so excited for this race and the sweet swag.

What's your favorite race swag?

What are you trying to fit in before summer ends?