August 16, 2012

Thrift Store Thursday

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Workout: 2 warm-up miles at a 9:30 pace, 4 miles at 7:23 pace, walking cool down

Today was a tempo run day after yesterday's rest day. I'm still feeling congested, but it didn't seem to affect my run. I actually feel better when I'm running. It's when I'm not running that I feel crapsterrific, especially in the early morning because the congestion piles up all night. If you need any other appetizing mental images, feel free to visit my blog on any given day.

We're still going strong on Operation Do Every Possible Activity Before School Starts. Today and tomorrow we have plans to hit up the zoo.

I love animals whose names are also a possible sound they would make ... macaw, macaw. And, yes, we definitely always say it like we are a squawking bird.

I also love that I can only get one kid to look at the camera at a time. That is going to be a running theme for the life of this blog.

Summer threw me off my thrift store game, so I haven't done a Thrift Store Thursday post in several weeks. For shame.

We visited my favorite thrift store in Gadsden, AL, yesterday. Because they sell Target cast-offs, it's like an entire store of Target clearance end caps. Since we're heading back to school next week, we checked off some things on the back-to-school list.

Brand spanking new backpack, $7.

Dance moves and raps, gratuitous. 

My daughter needed a new suitcase because she blew out an outer pocket on her last one by packing 30 pairs of underwear for a weekend trip. This is not a joke. I think what happened is she never took out the extra, hopefully unused, underwear she packed from previous trips. When you never empty a pocket and continue to add items, a blowout is inevitable. The same is true of our intestines.

Brand new suitcase, $15. Brand new backpack $7.

Do these faces look familiar?

Oh, that's why. Except I think the Harajuku Minis brush their hair more regularly. 

This last item has been on my running wish list for a long, long while. Somehow I have good luck finding new, unused running hydration tools at the thrift store. Remember this Fuel Belt?

Handheld water bottle, $3.

It even has a picture of a runner on the packaging. Legit. I'm pretty sure that this was my last step to becoming a real trail runner.

And if you need a good laugh, this is the follow up to Ryan Lochte's confession that he pees in the pool. 

Are you still buying school supplies? 

What is on your running wish list?