August 28, 2012

Treadmills: bouncy or hard?

Workout: 1 mile warm up, 6 miles 7:53, 1 mile cool down

I set up a gym date with my running friend, and we were going to try running outside after I dropped my kids off at the kids' club. Why this hasn't occurred to me as a possibility before today, I don't know. Some runner ladies from another gym mentioned doing it at their gym, and I thought, what the heck -- I'm enforcing this at our gym too. I was so sick of the gym track and treadmill that the idea of that outdoor run to me was like the idea of filling up a shopping cart with anything you want at Toy R Us to a kid (or also to me). We were even looking forward to hills. That's how crazy runners get after months of this treadmill stuff.

But then there was rain. Suddenly the all-business runner in me turned wimpster and decided that the treadmill didn't look so bad. Remember last time I went running in the rain? The chafing has still not fully healed. I know you a-little-rain-never-hurt-anybody Washingtonians are shaking your north-westerner heads right now.

So we went treadmill. We started off on the crappier, bouncier gym treadmills because the best ones were full. At my last PT (physical therapist) appointment, the PT I worked with mentioned that I should try running on a less stiff treadmill to make it easier on my joints, but I think that's one PT rule I'm gonna have to break. On the trampoline (because of the bounce) treadmill, 6.5 feels like 8.5. About 2 miles in, my favorite Freemotion treadmills opened up so we could move. It felt so much easier. I'm all for putting the treadmill on an incline, but I think the bounce does not simulate what I want for training. Firmer equals more road-like for my marathons. If I want soft, I'll try to take it to the trails.

Also, I found the sweetest description of the first day of school in my daughter's notebook. This is exactly how I felt on the first days of school (especially because we moved a ton), and it reminded me that one person being nice or welcoming to you makes all the difference. Even as adults, this is a great lesson.

The twins are lucky that they'll always have an automatic best friend wherever they go.

Their second best friend is their Lego sword. Lego swords are just long Legos that their minds turned into swords, and they have to take them everywhere with them. Just in case.

We didn't need any swords at Fleet Feet this weekend. That place is so darn friendly. My friend Elizabeth was looking for some quality shoes to continue her exercise plans. She's like me in that she knows if she makes an investment in the right fit for her foot, it will inspire her to get out and make the best use of them. No wasted dollars! Go, Elizabeth!

Do you like soft or firm treadmills?

How did you feel on the first day of school?

Does making an investment in running gear inspire you to get out and use that gear more often?