August 4, 2012

Worst long run ever and Go Commando winner

Worst long run ever. That's what just happened today. It all started when my 4:50 a.m. alarm went off, and I turned it off and rolled over. I didn't wake up again until 5:15, which left me 15 minutes to get dressed, pack up my water stop supplies, and drive to the meeting point. Surprisingly I was only a few minutes late, but this group does not mess around. They were leaving the meeting point as I pulled into the parking lot. No biggie, right? I threw my water stop cooler on the table (luckily I had volunteered to bring supplies for the home base water stop) and jetted.

In all of that, I made a few critical errors. First, I plugged in my Garmin 210 last night, which had 3/4 battery life left. I woke up to a completely dead Garmin, which totally makes sense in Opposite World. Unfortunately that is not the first time that has happened to me. Sometimes I hate that piece of garbage. Then, I didn't take any time to drink a glass of water or go to the bathroom, and I didn't eat breakfast. Remember when running 17 miles required energy and fluids, especially in the toasty sun.

I took a little bag of Sharkies and shoved it into my bra. 

That's enough to last 17 miles without having to gnaw your own arm off, right? Not so much. It wasn't that I got hungry at all (and there was Gatorade at every water stop, thank goodness), but at a certain point, I had no energy at all.

Going back to that Garmin, I'm going to blame it for sapping my energy too. You see, because I didn't have a working watch and had no idea how far or fast I would be going, I decided to try and catch up with a friend who I knew was there somewhere. I got up to what I thought was the front of the group and couldn't find her. It was a larger group today than normal. So I tagged along with another group that knew where they were going and had a working watch, but all of that catch-up running in the beginning wore me out.

After the first 10-mile loop, I knew I still needed 7 more miles, but I wasn't about to head out without knowing how far I was going. A nice girl at the water stop asked if anyone wanted to go 4 more miles at 8:30 pace. I knew my energy was sapped, but I thought, four more miles can't be that hard. Yes, the heck, it can. It was pretty painful. Two miles in and I started taking walk breaks. Painful, painful, painful. 

So if you are tallying, you know that at this point, I still have 3 miles of my 17 left to run. Hmmm ... what is my best option? I know, still don't eat, pick up the kids (because my husband needed to get his motorbike ride on), and go to the gym to run the last 3 miles. Not my smartest day ever. Those last miles weren't as bad because they were at the climate-controlled gym and I had taken an hour break between mile 14 and the last three, but still, they left me in a runner fog. 

Then, even smarter, I ran errands with the kids (similar to wrestling tigers in energy output) for an hour before finally eating. Now I'm lying in bed wondering why I even liked to run in the first place. Did I like it at one point? It's so hard to remember back to that time. It's also hard to remember what happened ten seconds ago. Long-run brain. 

So this is the type of day that I think, surely it can't get any worse than this. This must be one of those running days that is somehow supposed to make me a better runner in the future. I'm not sure how. Maybe I will learn not to turn off my alarm clock. Or to eat breakfast before running 17 miles. Or to not run. 

Whine fest over.

On to more exciting news: the winner of the Go Commando Half/5K entry

Wow, the first dude to ever win a Yo Momma Runs contest, and he's a fellow Alabamian! Congrats, Brian! Email me at yomommaruns at, and I will forward you the entry information. 

Thank you so much to Go Commando for sponsoring this giveaway! I'm really looking forward to running in the hills (but not the worst ones) of Tennessee!

And to offset all of my earlier whining, here's a picture I found today that I love. My husband driving his mom in the sidecar. Nothing beats this. 

Does your Garmin do wacky stuff like die after charging overnight?

What do you do after a horrible long run?

How do you talk yourself out of giving up on running?