September 7, 2012

Aldi, shoes, and poison ivy remedies

As I type, I'm in a Benadryl-induced fog. I can't guarantee that anything intelligible will come out of this typing, but I'm gonna go with it. No looking back. No editing. No making sense.

I'm taking a rest day today because the medicine has me all fogged out and droopy eyed. This is the spray that I've been using to help with my poison ivy. I think it is helping with the promoting-healing and drying-oozes parts, but it only makes it itch worse. Right now, the itching is slightly less because of the Benadryl, but last night I almost clawed (or wanted to claw) my skin off. It's so hard not to scratch it. Plus, huge bonus, I also have it on my neck and arms. Special.

I'm thinking of calling the doctor to get in for some steroids because it gets extra flared up when I run. 

Day 1
Day 2

And I can't decide if wearing long socks would be better or worse. 

Enough about skin rashes and oozing sores because I've got less disgusting news that will not make you want to vomit. Two super cool dudes started preschool yesterday. 

Once a week, they'll go to a friend's house (or ours) and have a little learning time. We are co-oping our preschool with some other families who have kids in the same age range. 

Having a couple of hours to run errands by myself was amazing. Sans kidlets, you zip through errands like lightning. To begin, I made my first trip to Aldi. 

It's a lot different from other stores in that you have to pay to rent your shopping cart, and you get your money back when you return it. Maybe it's more common to do that in Germany, where this store originated. Anyone from Germany out there who can answer that question? There are stacks of food and boxes (no or less shelves), and there are no plastic bags for fruit. It was weird to see people throwing ten individual peaches on the checkout belt. Then, they just throw everything into your cart, and you push it off and bag it yourself. Maybe it was just this cashier, but it wasn't a very neat process. There were plums under, beside, and on top of boxes. It was just weird to see fruit all jumbled in with boxed foods and not neatly contained in bags. 

Everything I got was contained and fit in my grocery sack, but if I go back, I would bring my own plastic bags (recycled from the other stores) in which to put my fruit. I just don't like the idea of fruits and veggies bumbling around and getting bruised by everything else. But the fruit and veggie prices were great. Bananas were $.44/lb. That's the only exact price I remember, but the rest seemed like good deals too.  

 Then I went across the street to this store.

I bought some Russian mineral water (remember that I love all things Russian) to see if my husband, who actually enjoys mineral water (gag), would like the Russian version. Not so much. He kept asking me to read the label to make sure it was just mineral water, and I pointed out that the translated English label is right beside the Russian. And both say that it's just mineral water. Turns out, Yo Husband is not a fan of Russian mineral water. I also picked up some labni (plain Greek yogurt) and canned hummus, both recommended by the store owner. They didn't have what I went in for (frozen veggie dumplings that my husband purchased there a few months ago), so those were all impulse buys.

Then I headed out to Alabama Outdoors to check out their trail shoes. Drool.

I spent some time hugging these slip-on Keens and whispering sweet nothings into their ears. I'm in love.

They also carry these delicious Grab the Gold snacks. They taste just like no-bake oatmeal cookies, only a lot healthier.

photo from Beanie Bumbles

Don't these look like they would fit perfectly into the back pocket of my rogas?

Do you shop at Aldi? If yes, do you bring your own fruit bags?

If you could buy one pair of shoes right now what would it be (not just running shoes)? 

Best poison ivy remedy? Seriously, I need you guys on this one!