September 14, 2012

Believe in yourself, or get a kid to do it for you

Believing in yourself can make you move faster. Right? Right?!! Training and stuff like that helps too, I guess. If you're into that.

My (most awesome in the world) sister sent me this picture that my niece drew in school.

Translation: my mom's sister won the long race.

So my new key to gaining confidence and believing in myself is to make friends with really cool, confident little kids. Then maybe their confidence will infect me. 

Also, when she visited this summer, my niece was very inquisitive about my medal collection, and everyone knows that if it's your medal collection, pretty much you are the only one interested in it. So as the only person to ever ask me about my race medals, ever, she holds a special place in my heart, and this picture just pretty much sealed her awesomeness. That and her ability to overlook mediocrity and elevate it to greatness. But isn't that what success is all about? 

Note: I did not win that race (this picture is based on IMS Arizona, where she was my race groupie), nor have I ever felt a ribbon break across my chest at a finish line. But now I sort of believe it could happen (if it's a very small race, and I trip all the other racers).

Also, I'll be working on the giveaway winner for a later post. Some people got really excited up in here about a SPIbelt (i.e. glorified runner fanny pack), so it might take me two forevers to tally the entries. Plus I'm always slow anyway. So you still have time to enter if you haven't yet.

What helps you have confidence during a race? 

Has anyone ever asked about your medal collection? Really, my niece was the only one. Even when I tried hanging them in the front entryway to provide loads of asking opportunities.