September 24, 2012

Boston Marathon qualifying question (help!)

I need your e-help. Today I decided to go onto Boston Marathon's site and read up on qualifying times and dates to see if, for some crazy reason, all spots aren't full for the 2013 race after Nov. 3rd (our goal race date) if we could still sign up.

Then I read this little bolded statement and had a sudden realization that I may have been calculating incorrectly this whole time.

My birthday is before the race date, and I'll be 35. Does that mean that from this point on I can use the 35-39 qualifying times? Because it's not how old you are when you run your qualifying race that counts but how old you are when you run Boston. Right?

This entire time I thought that the age on your qualifying race date was what counted. Sometimes it pays to read instructions and not just assume. It's one of those weird life lessons that a five year old could teach you or that you could learn even if you had been locked in a closet for ten years.

But I have to make sure that I'm reading that correctly before I totally freak out.

How do you interpret that statement?

Did you already know this?!!! I feel like the whole interweb has been holding back this information as an evil trick.

Did you on purpose withhold this information as an evil trick?

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