September 28, 2012

Eating batteries: don't do it

Today is the first day that I finally feel recovered from Saturday's race. My run went well this morning, and I'm hitting the hay early-ish for my 20 miles tomorrow. My training partner won't be there in the morning, so I'm interested to see how crazily I fall apart without her. She has been my long-run anchor through this whole training cycle, and I'm really going to miss having her there. 

Maybe these snacks will make me feel better. I won a bunch of Mojo bars from a contest on Women's Endurance Gear. Chocolate almond coconut?! Why didn't anyone tell me about these? That flavor doesn't come in my Costco jumbo pack of Mojos. I think they leave the best flavors out to force you to buy more. Recently I had to stop buying Builder Bars at Costco because I've gotten so addicted to the chocolate mint ones that I can't stand to buy the boring flavors in the bulk box anymore. 

If you don't like Mojos, maybe you'll be into this other snack I found at the kid table this week. Other popcorn toppings are going to seem so boring to them after this. Did I mention that one of the twins always has to have batteries with him wherever he goes? It all started a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure what the draw is, but maybe he's power hungry. Killing it right now, e-people. 

Obviously if you top your popcorn with batteries, you'll have to make more trips to the dentist. And just like the constant stream of full-sugar gum I had to have while I was pregnant (I developed a nine-month aversion to sugar-free gum), it was worth every cavity. For me. But this kid was declared cavity free despite his acidic diet. 

Remember when I told you that Alabama has this weird policy about registering your vehicle and getting plates. So now, apparently, political stickers are passing as license plates. I might as well just put my 26.2 sticker on the back of my car when renewal time comes next year. It'll be a lot cheaper.  

Also, there should probably be a law against being as cute as these guys. We got to spend a little extra time with our nephew (the super hero in the middle) this week because he just became a big brother. 

It's a hard job, but somebody has to be the cutest baby on the planet.

Plus she's super snugly.

Oh right, this blog is about running. I did some of that too this week. To break my feet back in after the race, we hit Red Mountain Park on Tuesday. I'm not gonna lie that I was very nervous about getting poison ivy again because mine has still not 100% healed from several weeks ago. So I had my eagle eye out for any signs of it. I'm pretty sure this little booger is the one that I jumped into a few weeks ago when a tree was down after a giant storm. To the people who clear the trails after storms, thank you so freaking much! Everything looked nice and clear this week, and I could happily take pictures of poison ivy from the safety of the free-of-debris trails. 

Does looking at that picture make you itch? It made us do this.

And it made my brother go bald. Or was that genetics? Whatever, I'm blaming the poison ivy. 

The alarm is set for 4:30 a.m., and as this post was already losing steam, I will peace out. Plus my melatonin is kicking in and not giving me much choice. 

Do you look for poison ivy/oak everywhere you go? Ever since I found out I'm allergic, I am like the freaking Sherlock Holmes of poison ivy detection. 

If stickers passed for license plates, what sticker would you pick?

What are you running this weekend? 20 miles tomorrow and then another full day of rest.