September 12, 2012

Irony and iron-y

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I'm still on the prescription 'roids for this poison ivy biz, and my appetite is through the roof. It was big anyway, but now it's all about cheeseburgers and eggs. Give me some red meat and two dozen eggs, and I'm satisfied. Give me anything else, and I will 'roid rage you. It's scarily similar to being pregnant with the emotions running high and the demand for red meat and eggs being hard to fill.

And just when you thought that you had seen the best thing so far that day, your husband posts this flyer from his work fundraiser. 

I also found some sweet, sweet irony in the book I recently checked out from the library, Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners.

Well, less the book and more the reader.

Quick, scroll down and look away from that picture. This treat is equally as good and less disgusting to your arteries.

And here's something else that I'm loving to eat right now. Remember when I went to the Mediterranean store and bought labni (also, apparently, spelled lebni). The store owner said this was the best brand they sold, and now I'm, well, sold. It's delicious. We just use it to dip our pita chips, but I'm sure you can find more creative ways to use it. So if you're a labni fan, look for this brand.

My workout yesterday was sword fighting at the zoo.

It all worked out in the end. 

What is your current food crush?

Did you spot any irony in your day today? Or did you eat anything iron-y (hilarious, right)? I think I've only been eating iron-y foods.