September 20, 2012

Race prep and food exploration

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Workouts for mini-taper week

Monday: 6.5 miles that included 1 warm-up mile and 6 .75-mile sprints with 2 minute rests between.

Tuesday: 11 miles. 1 warm-up mile, 10 miles @ 8:12.

Wednesday: spin class, 50 minutes. 30 minutes of stretching and rolling.

Thursday: rest day

Friday: I'm planning to run about 4 slow miles.

Saturday: The Race!

Sunday: rest day

Those last three days are just a plan in my brain, but I think they will come to pass.

Thanks to Running and Rambling, who hosted a Honey Stinger giveaway, I have some new fuel to try out. I'm really interested in the waffles. I think the gel will be like most gels, slightly tolerable at best (with the exception of Chocolate Outrage GU), but they get the job done.

As long as I'm going to start trying out new stuff, I might as well try my first batch of beef tongue (upper left corner of the picture below). My husband grew up on a farm where they ate beef from their own cows, so tongue wasn't new to him (read: no wasting parts of the cow). This beef tongue was at a Korean barbecue, so I dipped it into sesame oil and salt. My final verdict: good flavor but a little chewy.

This is what it looked like cooked.

In case the tongue didn't work out, I had plenty of lettuce to chomp.

Because I'm not doing desserts this week, I skipped the red bean ice cream. I was only a little sad about that. Again, if it doesn't work out, there's some backup lettuce. 

I'm working on final race prep, which means a killer playlist. My playlists are sort of like my children (only not as needy). As soon as one race ends, I start prepping for the next race's playlist. I keep an iPhone note where I add any song, new or old, that moves me during training. The best places to add to the list are during spin class and on the treadmill, mostly because it's easier to type when the phone is stationary. Also, I know if I like it during those two activities, chances are it won't get on my nerves during a race. The worst is having a song come on that you normally love but for some reason makes you want to kick it in the face while you're running. That happened to me with birthing too (so Radiohead was a big no for delivering a baby), but that one's not as easy to practice and know beforehand. 

And today is free queso day at Moe's. That means you get one free cup of queso with chips. I always get mine to go, and I make all four children go in and get one too. The rules are one per person. The queso is pretty good reheated too if you can't cram it all into your piehole in one sitting.  

Have you tried Honey Stinger waffles? Love or hate?

Have you tried beef tongue? If no, would you try it? 

What's your favorite workout song right now? I might need to steal it for my list!