September 15, 2012

SPIbelt giveaway winner

This is how we refuel at our house. 

Welcome to cool, Tracy. And your grandma called, and she wants her fanny pack back now that you've got a fancy new SPIbelt! It's like a fanny pack on crack. Please email me your contact info at yomommaruns at

And thank you to all of you for entering and sharing this giveaway! I've got a couple more giveaways planned for the next couple of weeks, like a case of Core Power (which was surprisingly tasty) and more.

I know some of you love giveaways, but some people probably hate them. As a self-proclaimed runnerd (run+nerd), I love testing all the gadgets and fuels and sharing free stuff and my opinions, which are also free and worth every bit of it. So I'll continue to do giveaways of products that I think are worth your time to try out.

Do you love or hate blog giveaways? Indifferent? I love giveaways and enter them on other blogs all the time! I've won some really cool stuff that way -- even a pair of New Balance 890s from the Boring Runner earlier this year.

What's your favorite runnerd gadget?