September 11, 2012

SPIbelt review and giveaway

If you've been reading for a while, you know that when I'm running my favorite place to stash things is in my sports bra. One long-run Saturday, I looked down in the chest region and realized that I was carrying my iPhone, several gels, some Honey Stingers, and two empty water bottles (to try and avoid littering on a long run) in my sports bra at one time. Don't worry. It looked totally natural.

As the summer progressed, and so did the hotness, carrying that much stuff against my skin was getting more dangerous. There are certain things in there that don't need chafing. Plus my iPhone was getting so sweaty inside its Otterbox that it was impossible to use. I always carry my phone on runs: in the gym for entertainment and outside for safety and navigation. 

Looks like the brain child behind SPIbelt had a similar problem. What happens when the sports bra just doesn't cut it for storage? What happens when you don't want awkward race pictures of weird bra-region bulges? Squares? Rectangles? Not shapes that should be coming out of that zone.

And even more important, what happens if you are a dude and don't even wear a sports bra? 

Thanks, SPIbelt, for sending me over a belt to try and giving me hope that one day my race pictures won't all look like this. 

Was that a small child in there?

On my first run with the belt, the phone fit perfectly with its case still on and covered in an additional ziploc bag. High tech waterproofing solutions only up in here. 

If you find any bouncing at all, it means you didn't tighten the belt enough. That's what happened to me on my first test run. 

If you can stretch it that far, tighten that business down a few notches. It fits waist sizes 25" to 50" with its adjustable belt. 

And even though it looks tiny from the start, it has some mad stretch. 

On Saturday, I stashed my iPhone in the Otterbox, my keys, and some Shot Bloks. I was even going to bring my set of encyclopedias, but I really didn't know when I would have a chance to read them.

I liked carrying the belt low on my hips and to the side so that the phone was easy to get out during the run and would lie flat against my hip. I see a lot of people wearing their belts higher up around the smaller part of their waist and keeping the pocket in the back. With a little experimenting, you'll find the best spot for you. 

And because I tightened the belt for my second test run with it, it didn't budge. 

So here's what I love about SPIbelt:
  • Made in Austin, TX.
  • Can use it to carry a passport and keep it easily under your clothes. I needed this when I lived in China and Russia and had to always keep my passport with me wherever I went. 
  • Mad stretch. You will be able to fit all the things you need for your run. Unless you like to pack a trombone. 
  • Adjustable to get the fit you need.
  • Prevents awkward bra bulge. I can finally get a finish-line photo that doesn't look like I'm about to birth an alien baby through my chest. 

And thanks to SPIbelt, one of you will win a belt too! 

To enter: 

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I'll pick a winner on Friday, September 14th, with a random number generator and without a bulgy sports bra. 

SPIbelt provided the test and giveaway products free of charge. I received no additional payment for this review, and all the dumb jokes are my own.