September 4, 2012

Trails plus heavy rain equals awesome

While everyone in Birmingham was out at The Color Run on Labor Day, my brother and I decided to hit the red mud at Red Mountain. Sure we didn't have the joy of inhaling colored corn starch, but I'm pretty sure I inhaled a couple of bugs. Bonus. Plus the storms from the night before had knocked down some trees to give us hurdles. Obstacles, red mud, bugs ... it's like we were at the Muddy Scout Camp Color Run. Several times, I almost bit it in the lake-ish mud puddles, which would have required I bust out my inner Phelps.

The weather on the ride over. The guarantee that this will be fun.

Because it was raining heavily and steadily that morning, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There were several people leaving as we arrived, but by the time we were done, there was only one other car in the parking lot. This also made it the perfect run for my brother's dog Jefferson.

Perfect timing for a rain respite -- at the overlook. 

We ran about 6 miles, and Jefferson ran about 60. For every mile we ran, he circled us about ten times. That dog was all kinds of excited about running in the downpour.

One of the lesser obstacles, tree + vines down from the storm.

Here I am needing to take some facial expressionism courses from my brother. 9/10 on variation and commitment.

If you're looking for a classy, high quality waterproofer for you phone, look no further. Snack size ziplocs are the best. May not hold up on a long run, but perfect for a short trail run. The ziploc bag has saved my phone on more than one occasion when I went swimming face first in a deep, pool-sized mud puddle. Not on purpose. 

The aftereffects of this run included:

1. Happiness

2. Funky knotty dread ponytail. It might have helped if I had brushed my hair before the run.

3. Muddy legs

4. Dog hair on socks. Jefferson likes to run really up close to his friends.

5. More security that the Salomons can hold up to rivers and streams. They didn't retain water like my road shoes did last time we ran long in the rain.

Which firms up my conclusion at the end of my recent long run in the rain. Long runs in the rain are equal to or worse than stabbing yourself in the arm with a sharp pencil (I never exaggerate on this blog). Short runs in the rain are a fun adventure.