September 17, 2012

Trucking it, on foot and at Railroad Park

Training wrap-up

Monday: Speed work, 2 miles warm up, 2x1600 in 6:51 (60 sec RI), 2x800 in 3:17 (60 sec RI), 1.5 cool down. Total 7 miles, 57:43.

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Tempo run, 1 mile easy, 4 miles @ 7:38, 3 miles easy. Total 8 miles, 1:10. This was also a double-run day. Not intentionally, but I had a chance to go to a group run at Trak Shak (local shoe store) so I went for it. I take those chances when I can get them because our four-young-kids life doesn't allow for it much. We did 5 miles at an easy pace, no timing or tracking it -- just relaxed and fun.

Thursday: stationary bike for 45 min, CXWORX (core class) for 30 min. The CXWORX soreness lasted until today. Plus I went for a physical therapy session. If you haven't read before, I'm going to a PT office that practices myofascial release. So it's like an hour of intense stretching.

Friday: spin class, 45 min

Saturday: 20 miles, 2:51, avg pace 8:33 (goal pace was 8:40)

So this long run went amazingly well! The stars definitely aligned for me on this one. Weather was perfect. The training group was fun with some new faces, meaning new people with whom to chat. The route wasn't too hilly, for our area. The water stops had plenty to offer (last week one of our stops ran out of water, and we were dying until the next stop). My fueling worked, and my GI cooperated. The weather was cooler with a high of only 83 that day. I'm not sure what the humidity was, but it didn't feel horrible.

I also didn't consult the ole Garmin as much as normal. It just felt like we were cruising along easily, and I looked down at my watch much less than normal. Our legs must be getting used to these training paces because it is definitely starting to just feel better without quite as much struggle to reach the goal paces.

The Garmin also told me that my average heart rate was 150. Perfect! That means I wasn't working too hard. I know the weather helped in this area. Also, with all these hot summer runs, I've always lost weight, like up to 6 pounds, on long run day from all the excessive sweating. This Saturday, I lost zilch, and my shoes didn't leak sweat with each step. I might have even gained a pound. 

Fueling? So glad you asked!

The night before, I fueled with Costco pizza. Apparently big-box bargain stores force out my crazy face. 

Here's Saturday morning's fuel. Minus the banana, which I opted out of at the last minute. I was afraid of the extra fiber, if ya know what I mean.

A Builder bar, chia seeds, and a Steaz energy shot.

During the run, I had two packs of Honey Stingers and a shot of Gatorade ever few miles. Plus I drank a cup of water every 3 miles or so. 

Now let me rewind to my morning chia incident. I decided to copy my brother-in-law and funnel my dose. I didn't really think it through and just put a heaping tablespoon in and let it rip. Then there I was choking on chia seeds with the inability to swallow. After dumping the funnel and the chia seeds that were still in the spout, I was able to get a portion of the seeds (that were now clinging to my dry mouth and throat) down with each swallow of water. Not bad at all really -- when I wasn't choking on them. I think next time, I'll try just spooning the seeds into my mouth a little at a time, avoiding the choking. Or just funnel less at a time. 

So basically, Saturday was all hearts and rainbows and shooting stars.

Until I drove 30 minutes to my favorite thrift store, and this happened.


Hey, Alabama Thrift Store, it would be awesome if you would mention on your web site that a store is completely closed. Also, it'd be really cool if the sign telling you where the new location is would mention that that store isn't open yet either. And for any Alabamians: the Alabama Thrift Store in Midfield is closed!

But back to hearts and rainbows. I started A Life Without Limits, and so far I like it, minus the sexist foreword by Lance Armstrong, who is obsessed (in his own book and this foreword) with the idea of getting chicked, Lance's favorite word. I kind of hate that term for some reason. And for real, Lance, we get it. You can stop obsessing over getting passed by a woman now.

We also made it over to Trucks by the Tracks, a food truck festival, at Railroad Park. My brother volunteers for the park and helped to plan the event. Great job, bro! The park was absolutely packed, and the food truck lines were a million people long. 

And any weekend that ends with a Segway sighting is a success. 

Was your hometown weather better for this weekend's running?

What book are you reading right now? I'm still finishing Unbroken on CD in my car. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Do you do energy drinks before long runs or races? What kind? I've had 5-hour Energy drinks before races, much to the disgust of my taste buds. Steaz was much better and more natural. I found them randomly on sale at a little organic hut/store in my town.