October 21, 2012

Adios, Chicago

Remember when you wondered why this suddenly became a Chicago tourism blog, and you were glad when I stopped talking about it nonstop. Well, psych -- it's not over!

Side note: I'm on a mission with my brother to bring "psych" back from the dead. I think we're doing pretty great at it so far.

So I spent our last day in Chicago saying farewell to the city in the perfect way: with a run. Running in the Chicago streets is interesting because people seem completely nonchalant about runners zig-zagging among the walkers. In Alabama, running up behind someone without warning often results in a heart attack.

Before my run, I grabbed the only available breakfast, a stamp-sized muffin. This tiny Trump muffin was going to have to get me through 7.5 miles. Because I was still full from the gluttony the night before, I figured I would somehow survive another hour without the usual ten-course breakfast.

I ran out to the Lakefront trail and had to stop several times to absorb the magnificence of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline resting against the water. It kind of made me want to cry it was so beautiful and peaceful.

The only downside: I wore a hat in the windy city. Oh, right, they weren't just saying that. It is for real windy. The hat lasted about two blocks before it blew off my head ten times and I decided to shove it in my running tights and just keep trucking.

But worse than losing my hat in the wind -- imagine if this was your job on an especially windy day. Don't worry, hun, I'll just be dangling on a rickety crane 50 floors up with 60 mph winds. We voted this Worst Job Ever. 

While I was out cruising along Lakefront, I ran over to Navy Pier to check out the free stained glass museum

These were my two favorites. A Russian fairy tale. 

And MLK Jr. 

After the run and my button-sized breakfast, I was ready for some serious grub. We saved Chicago dogs for our last day. Everyone we talked to recommended Portillo's, so we gladly accepted their advice.  

The hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches were good, but my favorite was the Polish dog. Not pictured because I ate it in three seconds. 

Then we made quick work of souvenir shopping. Does chocolate count as a souvenir? I'm pretty sure our family accepts it as such. 

More Belgian chocolate from Leonidas.

Bacon dark chocolate from Vosges was surprisingly delicious.

And that's it. I swear I won't make you listen to any more tales of my love and adoration for this vacation and Chicago. (Except to say that I loved every bit of it so much that I want to squeeze it in a really tight hug and never let go.) Instead it's back to hocking runner loogies and rear end sweat.