October 29, 2012

Can we move Halloween to next week?

For my friend running the New York Marathon, the alternate post title is "Can we move this hurricane to next week?"

Workout wrap-up

Monday: spin class in the morning, yoga class in the evening
Tuesday: 4 miles, 38:10. Still feeling tired from Saturday's race, so I decided to keep it easy.
Wednesday: 6 miles -- 2@6.3mph, 3@8.1mph, 1@6.3mph. This was my scheduled tempo run for the week.
Thursday: myofascial release appointment
Friday: 5.5 miles of hills, 46:54
Saturday: 10 miles, 1:27
Sunday: rest day

Somehow I managed to stick with my goal of not doing speed the week after a race. It makes sense when I say to myself that I shouldn't do it, but when it comes down to seeing it on the schedule and skipping it, it's harder to follow through. My training has been off the last few weeks since my injury, so my speed work has suffered the most. I originally hurt my foot during speed work, so I skipped it a couple of times to not risk reinjuring my foot. The I skipped it a couple of times because I raced and know that I typically get injured if I try to do speed work the week following a race. So I know that all of the reasons for skipping are founded in solid ideas that will get me to the start line with a healthy and working foot. But again, to see it on my schedule and intentionally skip it does not boost my confidence for my upcoming race.

Then on Saturday I ran slower than I was supposed to. Not sure why, I was just kind of following the pace of the group, hating the hills, and not really caring if I pushed it up to 8:12/mile, which is what I was supposed to be shooting for. Also, it probably didn't help that I did 5.5 miles of intense hills the day before this run. So, again, an overall not super confidence boosting training week.

So fast-forwarding to today, I had a successful (but short!) speed session this morning. My schedule called for a short set of six .25-mile sprints for this last week of the taper, and I completed it with my foot still functioning! So now I feel happy that I am back to being able to do the prescribed speed work, even if it's the last one of the schedule. I'll still take it as a good indicator.

Now I just need to get on a decent eating plan. It doesn't help when your friends are all Martha Stewart and bring you special Halloween deliveries.

Both in one night.

How can I combat Martha? This weekend I brought out the heavy artillery. First up, kefir water, which I am slowly trying to learn how to make with the help of my sister and sister-in-law.

Brewer's yeast? Yes, please. For some reason I like the taste of brewer's yeast mixed with orange juice. Probably because when I was little my mom used to pay me a dollar every time I drank a cup of it. My kids barely get a dollar from the tooth fairy, much less to drink something. Maybe I need to consider a change of strategy because I realize now that my mom's plan totally worked. 

This is a photo of the fine line between happy and insane. Brewer's yeast at 10 p.m. does that to a person. That kitchen light is awesome for taking self portraits. Noted. 

My other plan for this week is to forget that it's Halloween and hide all the candy until after this weekend. It's hard to forget Halloween when a wigged globe is announcing it to the world. For some reason, this globe has been the highlight of my Halloween and the best use of that wig ever. 

It's also hard to forget Halloween because of the masterfully carved pumpkins hanging out on our front porch. 

Still, I try.

Other things I want to do on this final week before the race.

  • Drink my new tart cherry juice concentrate, mixed with lots and lots of water. My latest combo is a tablespoon of concentrate in my biggest cup of water with a splash of white grape juice.
  • Eat zero chips. They just make me crave other please-don't-eat-me-before-a-race foods, like Martha's cupcakes above.
  • Freely take naps this week. If you follow that link, it will tell you why naps are amazing. No one had to scientifically research that or write it out for me to know it's true. Some things you just know.

When was the last time you took a nap? Usually I take a nap every Sunday, but I missed mine yesterday because I was too busy eating those cookies.

Have you ever tried brewer's yeast? 

What about kefir? 


  1. I have never heard of drinking brewer's yeast. Nor do I know about kefir. I feel so uninformed!

    I can't remember the last time I took a nap...2002 maybe?

    Glad your foot is better!

  2. I've been taking naps after my long runs....they're kicking my butt. And I've never heard of the benefits of brewers yeast either. Now I'm curious.

    1. Especially when it was hot out for my long runs, I had to nap afterwards.

  3. Those cupcake designs are sooo cute!

    I'm a BIG promoter of naps. They are heaveeenly. Hope you get a lot in this week!

  4. I am a big supporter of naps. The more the better! Love the globe, so funny:). Happy Halloween!

    1. The same is true with halloween candy. The more the better.

  5. I have never had brewers yeast...clueless. I had kefir once but didn't like it. But Nuun? I'm now happy to drink it...how did that happen? I flipping LOVE naps, we used to nap every Sunday but then the Dude stopped napping...and we did too. I miss naps so much.

    1. I think I got converted to nuun too. It definitely doesn't gag me when I drink it now.

  6. Oh my gosh those Halloween treats are not only beautiful, but they look so yummy. I would be unable to resist such temptation.

    1. I wasn't able to either. I ate some and then made my kids eat the rest really fast so that I didn't have to look at it anymore!

  7. your friend made those?? holy delicious and obviously a talented baker. impressed! no to the kefir and the yeast…but big yes to the naps. i actually fell asleep yesterday after work at 5pm and woke up at 6:15. had not planned on it and shot out of bed like i missed work. very confused. but i LOVE naps!

    1. I think they work together sometimes too. They always make the cutest stuff!

  8. awww, i really wish we could move the NYC marathon back!! it's so crazy over there, and i've got friends who live and more who are racing in that area...here's to hoping for a miracle switch in weather and that things get cleared up!

    that said, great job to u, and i'm happy that the first speed workout went well but more-so you're all healthy and pain-free..keep it up! :)

    1. I'm hoping for a miracle too! I'm stressed out for my friend, and it's not even my race. There are just so many unknowns about travel and repairs around the city.


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