October 12, 2012

Don't get in the way of my lower-back tattoo

Happy dance. My foot felt great the day after the 10-mile tempo run. My new injury prevention method is going to be to tell all of you e-peeps about my injuries so that somehow they magically disappear. It's like when I ask my husband to fix something, and as he walks into the room, it starts working. That is how he fixes 50% of the broken junk around the house. Pinky swear.

Or it could be the pixie dust some of you sent me. Not to be confused with anthrax, if sent through the post.

Since that worked out so well, I'm going to get your advice, and pixie dust, on another subject: my possibly ruined favorite shirt.

I accidentally left a sticker on it in the wash. Actually, I think I was sticker bombed by one of my kids because I don't normally wear stickers on my lower back. I save that area for tattoos.

Things I've tried to unstick it: packing tape (did not work at all) and duct tape (worked better, but there is still a sticky residue). What I am afraid to try but read will work: peanut butter. No one wants a grease splotch where a perfectly good lower-back tattoo could reside. It would be too distracting.

What would you recommend? Have you successfully removed sticker residue from your favorite running shirt?

Also, I need your advice on whether or not to share these delicious caramel apples that my friend gave me. I'm leaning towards definitely not. And caramel apples are the most nutritious dessert I will eat all month, so I better hoard them while I can. That white one is caramel on the inside and white chocolate dusted with cinnamon on the outside. Best thing that ever existed on the earth.

Here's my other latest obsession. Bacon bagel sandwiches. I use turkey bacon so that I don't have to spend more than I would on a new pair of running shoes on a pack of bacon. How to: toast a bagel and top it with everything that looks edible and not moldy in the fridge. On this one, I added goat cheese, avocado, grilled onion, tomato, and lettuce.

Here's another deep question. How many cups should it take four kids to get hydrated during one meal? The trick to answering this is to find out if you should count the ones that are smashed on the floor under the table.  

Maybe they were playing imaginary race water station.

Savannah just revealed their t-shirt design today. I'm really excited about the greenness of it! It's so fresh and springy. 

Also, if you are looking to sign up for any RNR race, they are having a special on the 13th of every month that you get $13 off a full or half marathon with the code LUCKY13.

Last, if you are a kind soul and want to do me a solid, vote for my picture here. I think they require you to like runningshoes.com before you can like my photo.

Again, tell me your best tips for getting sticker residue off my most favorite shirt ever!!! It's an emergency, sort of. 

What's the tastiest fall treat? Do you ever make caramel apples?

Which color do you like best for race shirts? My favorite race shirt ever is a white, long-sleeved Nike shirt that we got at the Oak Barrel Half. It actually fits!