October 14, 2012

Less injury, more meeting e-friends in real life

Workout wrap-up

Monday: Body Pump class and an easy 5-mile track run 
Tuesday: 40 minutes on the stationary bike
Wednesday: 10 miles of a tempo run. 1 mile to warm up and 1 mile to cool down. The middle 8 miles were at 8:12 (i.e. marathon pace).
Thursday: rest day
Friday: 5 easy miles on the treadmill. 4 of the miles with 1.0 incline.
Saturday: 20.6 (yes, we accidentally added some extra) in 2:54 or 8:27 pace. 

This was the week of making sure that my foot is not completely jacked up. I intentionally skipped my scheduled speed work, and I skipped a planned run on Tuesday because my foot was sore after Monday's run. After my runs on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, I iced immediately, and I haven't had any lingering soreness. I skipped the icing step on Monday and had soreness, so I am now fully converted to icing. 

Saturday was our last long training run before tapering, and it was all fabulousness. First, I was reunited with my training partner after two weeks away from training together. It was great to have her back in my training life! I love how she motivates me to run faster by making it seem so easy and fun, and she never gives up on a run. 


Second, we hit our goal pace without too much effort. I'm not saying it was easy to run 20.6 miles, but it didn't leave me incapacitated for the rest of the day. I was sore but not incapacitated. And there weren't really any points in the run where I felt like I might die if I take another step. Holla.

My foot felt a little sore during the run, but after a date with my ice bath, no soreness. This relationship with my ice is really going somewhere. I wonder how many times I can bear my testimony of ice before this post is complete. 

So now we're ready to bring it in Savannah

And I'll be at Go Commando half marathon in Clarksville, TN, this Saturday. My goal for the half is to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and keep my pace in check, like sticking to marathon pace even if my legs are screaming to go faster. 

Let me know if you are going to be at Go Commando or Savannah RNR, so I can try and find you! Not in a creepy way.

I have even more plans to meet some e-friends (like this one and this one) in real life this week because we're taking to the interstates and ditching Birmingham for the big city. 

Right now we're in Kentucky, in route to Chicago for the week. My husband is presenting at the Moody's Risk Practitioner Conference. Follow that link if you're up late and trying to fall asleep. Snooze fest. But the great news is that we're taking an adults-only trip to Chicago. My amazing (and not just because she's taking care of our kids for a week) sister-in-law flew in from Los Angeles to manage the household for the week. 

I'll definitely miss their faces. Especially these ones. 

And I'll miss when my son tells me that I'm "as pretty as lava." 

But I won't miss cooking. I stocked up at Costco before we left on the trip, and I almost passed out at the register. This is what 300 Costco dollars look like. 

That is the most money I've ever thrown down for food in one trip to the store. Part of that crazy total is ink cartridges (you can barely see them because they are covered in food) that I purchased because they were having a special sale, but daaaaaang, this whole eating thing is getting expensive. If I had to cut one kid off, which one would it be?

What should we add to our must-see and must-do list in Chicago? 

Do you have a training partner? Mekelle is my long-run training partner, and we're running Savannah together. But I also have some amazing gals from the gym who I run with during the week. Plus, I have my brother, who pushes me the most of anyone and does not let me quit when I feel wimpy. 

What is your normal weekly/monthly grocery total? That is a scary number to add up some months.