October 27, 2012

Thanks, universe!

Today I'm feeling thankful. It all started with the cool weather for our morning run. For a minute it was almost too cold, but then I remembered every other long run of this training cycle and how miserably hot and humid they were. Nope, now that I think about it, not too cold. Today's weather was perfect for running!

Here's what else is making me feel thankful. Not in order of importance. Except the first one is definitely the most important.

Thankful that Facebook knows me so well that I found this gold nugget in my sidebar today.

Thankful that my daughter exists.

Thankful for Halloween decorations -- this scrub brush is one of my favorites. Yes, I consider themed cleaning products decorations. 

Thankful that I got some new kicks from Alabama Outdoors. Now I just need to finish up this road racing stuff so I can test them on the trails.

Thankful for cousins who live in the same town.

Thankful that my son just discovered a love for Choose Your Own Adventure books. 

Thankful that it only took me a week to finish my box of Joe Joe's, so now I can get back on the good eating wagon for my race this weekend. No, I didn't share.

What are you feeling thankful for today? 

What treat do you hide from your kids? Pretty much all of them. My poor kids.

What's your best Halloween decoration? The scrub brush is tied with the long purple wig we put on our globe.