October 22, 2012

Workouts, winnings, trail races, and tart cherries

Workout wrap-up

Monday: rest and travel to Chicago day
Tuesday: 5 miles -- 3 on the streets of Chicago and 2 on the treadmill for a tiny nugget of speed work. Walked 6 miles around the city streets.
Wednesday: swim 20 laps in the Trump Tower pool (did I mention we stayed there a million times already?!!!) in about 30 minutes. Walked 3 miles.
Thursday: 7.57 in 1:02, running on the lakefront trail in Chicago. Very windy! Walked 2 miles.
Friday: rest and travel day
Saturday: Go Command Half Marathon, finish time 1:43:21
Sunday: rest day

So as you see, there was a lot of resting going on last week. Also a lot of walking, but that was just a byproduct of visiting a big city where you can walk to almost anything. I love having that option. Here, I would die if I tried that. One, no one pays any attention to pedestrians in Alabama (or, worse, they intentionally try to graze them with their monster trucks), and two, we have very few sidewalks. And three, walking is harder with four kids, two of whom like to dart in front of cars for fun. So, again, loved walking everywhere on our vacation.

I have a million things juggling around in my brain today, so I'm gonna bullet point it out for you guys.
  • Yes, I ended up racing on Saturday, when I'm pretty sure that I e-pinky-sweared that I was just going to use it as a training run. Basically, my training for the week was nothing at all according to plan, so I said to myself, what the heck ever, I'm just gonna race this bad boy. I didn't get a PR, but I felt good about my pace. And it helped me feel more confident about the race coming up. It was after my last half that my foot got injured, so I am trying to be careful by resting when I feel like it and wearing compression shorts and socks at all times. My friend wants to know how many days you can wear compression shorts without washing them. 
  • My sister-in-law found a great source for tart cherry juice concentrate that helps with recovery. Back in the day, I tried Cheribundi and loved it, but I haven't found another source near our house. Plus I'm on a budget here people. Some of these recovery products can rob you and your children's college fund. She found the juice at a farmer's market in Salt Lake City for $20/quart of concentrated cherry juice. Two tablespoons is a serving, and you can take it straight (yummy) or mix it with juice (tastes just like Cheribundi, so super yummy). My nephew flew back with my cherry juice in his carry-on, so I'm not sure if they would ship it to you. If you live near Willard, UT, here's their address. It might be worth a call to see if they would ship it. A quick google would probably find some other farms that would ship to you too. If you want more info, here's a video about the Woodyatt Farm where my juice originated. 
  • I reached my 1200 miles of running for the year, so I'm officially a member of the Birmingham Track Club's 1200 Mile Club. That means that a lady version of this shirt is about to be on lock. 

  • This is no joke. I just found out that I won $200 from this Nissan Innovation for Endurance sweepstakes. It's completely random. Crazy, right?! Even though the money is in the form of gift cards, I'm pretty sure that it is legally obligated to be spent on a new pair of these
  • In other great running news, I joined the Alabama Outdoors trail running team. I haven't met all of the teammates yet, but the ones I know are awesome people. Trail runners in general are pretty much my people -- friendly, friendlier, and more friendly. Plus I'm very excited about advocating for more people to head outdoors in Alabama! It also means lots of trail running coming up on my schedule. My first trail race for the AO team will be the Oak Mountain State Park 13.1 on Nov. 11. That will be one of my first post-marathon runs, so whether or not to race it is up in the air. But you see how planning not to race turned out at Go Commando, so I'm just going to make no plans at all and see how the non-plan works out. Either way, Oak Mt. was the spot of my first trail race ever, so I'm looking forward to revisiting the trails out there. 

What's your favorite recovery food? Have you found anything that helps your recover faster?

Do you run trails? Race them? I need your best trail racing tips. Last time I had a little bit of trouble negotiating the whole passing on a single track thing.

If you just added $200 to your running budget, what would you buy? Now that I think about it, maybe another race entry.