November 10, 2012

Firmoo and some free glasses

In case you guys haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of glasses. So much that even if I wasn't blind (not legally, but close), I would probably still fake it. 

Here's a timeline of glasses since I started being a parent. I went through a lot of frames due to the toddler stage of grab (anything you can) and smash. 

Back in 2003 when my daughter was born.
With my BFF right after I found out I was pregnant (but didn't know they were twins yet). Pretty sure I barfed right after this. 
Yes, we did hold hands like that to create unity in this picture. Totally worked.

So when Firmoo, an online optical store, offered to send me some free glasses, I most definitely opted in on that plan.

Somehow this is my first time ordering glasses online, ever. I feel so 1999 admitting that. For a while I was getting frames from my sister who worked at distribution center for all types of frames for super classy ladies (that was so me). Those were some of the best years of my glasses life, and when that well dried up, I had the rare treat of vision insurance. The problem with that is that somehow with insurance I ended up paying more for glasses than I ever have without insurance. Weird how this "insurance" works.

For these glasses from Firmoo, I called the eye doctor who wrote my current prescription, and their office emailed the prescription to me. Easiest thing I did that day. I love how much gas a phone call can save you because I definitely thought I would have to drive over there to pick up the slip of paper. This again proves how 1999 I am.

With prescription in inbox, I started browsing the Firmoo site. I picked out some funky ones because, heck, why not. And funky glasses can deflect attention away from unbrushed hair. Or bring more attention to it. Not sure which one it is yet.

I almost ordered the ones below until I figured out that they are almost identical to what I already wear. I definitely have a type when it comes to eyewear. And candy. Well, hello there, Mr. Kit Kat. 

If you're picking out frames, you can upload a picture of yourself to the site to see how the frames look with your face shape. My mom says I have a pear-shaped face, which kind of hurts my feelings because pears are pretty much the most awkward-shaped fruit to which you can compare someone's face. Other than the banana. My mom is never one to give you false hope or self confidence.

Even though my mom would have probably disapproved, I'm glad I picked the funkier frames because some days you need that. Like the days you sit in an armchair. Definitely glad I had these glasses for that.

Also I'm pretty sure that babies make glasses look cooler. Even blurred babies. 

The even cooler part (wrong, I know, nothing is cooler than cute babies) is that all new Firmoo customers can get a free pair too. You only have to pay shipping, which starts at $6.95 and goes up if you want them faster.

Step 1: Go visit Firmoo and pick out some frames. 

Step 2: Use the code FIRMOOFREE at checkout. 

Step 3: Bam, you're awesome. 

Are you a glasses, contacts, Lasik, or naturally-amazing-eyesight person? 

Do you ever wear them while running? I always wear my glasses except for during long runs and races. 

Firmoo sent me these glasses for free, which doesn't really make me special because they will do the same thing for anyone. But, as always, the thoughts, opinions, and awkward close-ups are all my own.