November 29, 2012

Marathon nightmares and a giveaway winner

Another day, another pain-free run. And this time it was with speedwork. Lately I have this possibly irrational fear of speedwork, that the fast feet will immediately cause something to snap in my ankle. Today I had 5x1000 sprints on the schedule, and I felt overly cautious on the first two rounds. But when my foot bones didn't splinter apart, I was able to let go of the scared and embrace the huzzah of speedwork for the last three sprints.

At the end, I had one of these moments.

Bring it, Rocket City. 

Today's rockstar (meaning no bones were broken) speedwork session helped to counteract my first ever marathon nightmare. Last night, I dreamed that I was at the start line, but my legs were still sore from the lunges I did yesterday. And I felt so confused about why I was doing strength training the day before my marathon. There was this overall feeling of I'm not ready for this, why didn't I taper, how did I not remember this race was today, do I even remember how to run, where are my chia seeds

Marathon nightmares are rough, but not as rough as icing a sore foot in the winter. 

Brrrrrr. But no matter how many blankets I have to cocoon in, icing my foot needs to happen. It was even part of my physical therapy homework. 

Homework assignments from today's visit:
  1. Ice my foot.
  2. Do hip strengthening exercises. I'll have to get a picture of that one for you guys. 
  3. Read some more about Newtons. My PT brought her pair for me to try on today. They are so incredibly light. 
  4. Research additional nutrition/supplements. She really wants me to work on getting quality supplements to help my bones and joints recover from all the work I'm asking them to do. 
I love seeing a physical therapist who's also a runner. Every time I go, I feel like I learn something new about how my body works and how to better adapt to the stress of distance running. 

What I still need to learn: how to stop breaking stuff around my house. We're on a breaking spree this week. So far we've broken one Xbox, one TV, one Joseph (Mary's porcelain hubby), one jar of jam (thankfully only 1/4 full), and now one butter dish. I was in love with this butter dish that I found at the thrift store a few years ago. It was mustard colored, simple, and old. All things I love. 

But apparently you aren't supposed to drop really heavy salt shakers on top of your butter dishes. 

Reenactment. Noooooooooooooooo (cue the dramatic symphony). 

So the moral of today's post: do your homework and don't drop heavy metal stuff on delicate glass stuff. Who said this blog wasn't super informative?

And last thing, congrats to the Handana giveaway winner, Sarah Jones. Sarah, email me at yomommaruns (at) with your address so I can send out your new sweat/snot/anything you want wiper.

Also, they've been having a lot of sales for the holidays and other giveaways on the Handana Facebook page, so check it out for coupon codes before you load up on these for stocking stuffers.

Any Newton fans out there? Did it take you a minute to get used to the bump under the forefoot?

Have you broken anything you loved lately? Hopefully not someone's heart. 

Do you ice in winter? What do you do to warm up? I'm thinking I need to get the Costco-sized cocoa for the win. 


  1. Would you mind telling me the name of your PT? My wife has been having problems with her hips from getting back into running and could use help/advice from a running PT. Thanks in advance, and ROCK the Rocket!

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    1. I go to Beyond Physical Therapy in Vestavia. I've been seeing Blair the past few visits, but I've done sessions with all of the therapists and liked all of them. If she is looking to see someone who also is a runner, she could see Blair or Erin. I'm adding a link up in the post in case you want to check out their website.

  3. oh no...END those darn nightmares!! about go to bed humming rocky and then picture urself kicking butt. hehe. great job on the speedwork front, yea, injuries can really send the psyche for a whirl when u're getting back...but that's normal and u start to get more comfortable with it! keep it up girl! :)

  4. oooh I'd love to see those hip strengthening exercises - I've had issues with mine for a while!

  5. You are going to rock Rocket City. I think Marathon nightmares= amazing race. So sorry about your butter dish. It is funny what we really really like. I got a pig cookie jar for my birthday and I am obsessed with it, so much so that no cookie has ever graced the inside. Must remain perfect. So silly. I am glad your foot is feeling better!

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    1. At least your anxiety led to one of your funnier blogs. Cannot wait for the hip-strengthening pics! Lea Henry is on her 2d pair of Newtons - we'll see how goes her 1st marathon tomorrow in Memphis. HAPPY DREAMS for the next week.

  7. Yay for another pain free workout! I'm on my 5th pair of Newtons. I bought a pair a couple of years ago but they weren't my primary shoe. Then, I had a whole bunch of problems with the ball of my foot. I found out I land on my forefront went solely to the Newtons and that issue hasn't come back so they work for me, just depends on the person I'm sure!

  8. Because of my inability to grasp timezone differences I'm going to post potentially early and say GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY! DO NOT WALK THROUGH WATER STATIONS. I'm going to be holding my breath metaphorically for you all day!!!!! Do it for the short girls!

  9. I own a pair of Newtons and like them. I am a natural forefoot striker. My only caution is to ease into them slowly. Just a couple easy miles the first time then build slowly from there. Otherwise, your calf and AT will be screaming at you. Glad that you are pain free. Go get 'em in Huntsville!

  10. I wore Newtons for 2 years and then I started having calf and achilles issues. I loved them but I think they caused me more problems than the lightness of the shoe was worth. I took about 2 weeks for me to get used to them. My calves were so tight those first few runs. I've since switched to the Mizuno Wave Riders and so far so good. I ice whenever I'm hurting. I usually wrap myself in a blanket or two and sit on the floor with my back or side to the fire (whatever side I'm icing is facing away from the fire). That seems to do the trick!

  11. Love your post, as usual! And you are running Rocket City!! My husband and Mom will be out there as well and if the weather is reasonable, Eloise and I will be out there to cheer. I will look for you!

  12. I Love Love love my Newtons. I too had foot problems. Last year, I realized that I was a natural forefoot runner. We went to a Newton Clinic at our local run shop and bam, fell in love and bought my first pair. I did take a foray into minimalist trail shoes this summer, the foot pain came back, so I switched back in to my Newtons and the pain was gone.
    I highly recommend going to their site and watching the videos and the drills. Those really helped me adjust. Yes, it does take a few weeks to get used to the lugs under foot, but when you are running, you just don't feel them. I do admit to two failings, one the grip isn't so great on cold frosty days. (I have to watch wooden bridges on my Greenway runs). Also I don't like using them on the treadmill, don't know why, just don't. So I have a pair of Kinvaras that I use for those workouts.

  13. All those things breaking > bones breaking! I would ice in the winter if I had a reason to. Hot coco is a must! Showing the hip strengthening exercise is also a must.

  14. I'm always breaking things but luckily nothing lately, these things usually come in3s!! If you have anything to share on those nutritional supplements you are investigating I would love to hear:) Thanks!

  15. Marathon nightmares are awful! I loved your love for the sprints though. I'm a weirdo and love hearing about other peoples' great speed workouts.

    I broke a glass. I'm super smart, so I tried to just 'dab' at the little bits of glass to pick them up. And then I got a piece stuck in my thumb. I am that awesome.

  16. Glad you're getting back into the swing of things pain free! I know that irrational fear very well, it's frustrating!
    I had a marathon relay dream the other night, hahaha, I dreamed that we ran around an ice rink!

  17. Oh, no- marathon nightmares! I love waking up to discover it wasn't real. Sounds like you lucked out with an awesome pt. I do continue icing through winter if there is a stubborn, achy body part. My shins finally feel great, but I should probably be icing them anyway to be conservative.
    Booo, sorry about the broken dish. :(

  18. That's a rough streak you are on with breaking things around the house. Hopefully that will be the last of it though! I went on a streak where I fell three times in one week. Let's hope that doesn't happen this week with Rocket City on Saturday.

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