November 28, 2012

Safety, trail shoes, reading list, and more Meb

Yesterday, I ran without the sharp pain in my foot! This was my first run since the pain popped up at the end of Saturday's long run, and I cautiously decided to go for my tempo run instead of attempting the speed work on my plan. There is a lingering soreness in my foot, like it went to Body Pump class, but otherwise, it's good.

To make sure it's getting stronger, I also did some more balancing exercises. Luckily, I'm tapering anyway so it'll be getting more rest than it would normally. Rest well, little foot.

And for the remainder of today's post, I feel like breaking it down in numbers.

1. You have to (HAVE TO) read Elizabeth's story about getting attacked while running. A great reminder to pay attention to your surroundings and run defensively. I always carry my phone with me while running. Not because I want to text someone while running, though that has happened, but because I want a lifeline if something goes wrong. Even though I love the freedom of running, I love being alive for my family more, and it's worth taking precautions to help with that outcome.

2. Meeting Meb was awesome. He's extremely humble for a world champion, and after our two-minute talk, I'm pretty sure he agrees that we're best friends now.

And as some have kindly pointed out, he's not much taller than me. I'm 5'2" and always thought of short legs as something to overcome in running. Now I realize that short legs are just champion material. That'll be one of my mantras in Rocket City. 

3. During the taper, I always need some good reading material. Currently on the list, Run to OvercomeInto Thin Air, and Cutting for Stone. I'm listening to Cutting for Stone on CD, which is perfect for multitasking chores and reading. 

The main character is a twin. Of course since we've had twins, I've really gotten into reading stories that involve twins. Another one I enjoyed is The Thirteenth Tale, which I also listened to on CD, right after the twins were born.

For some reason listening to books makes it a slightly different experience for me, and some books that I listened to on CD might not be as enjoyable if I were reading them. Or vice versa. The reader's voice is huge. The Book Thief has a great reader for the audio version too.

4. I experimented with the Saucony Kinvara trail shoes recently, and they didn't work for me. Anytime I ran in them, my toes went numb. I thought it was just a coincidence or the laces at first, but the numbness continued no matter how much I loosened the laces. In the end, I think the toe box was too narrow for my foot, but I really liked the overall low profile of those shoes for the trails. So I went back to the drawing board to find a shoe that had a wider toe box but with a similar low profile.

I narrowed it down to two New Balance options, the 110 and the 1010.



On paper, I loved the 1010, but when I compared them side by side, the fit of the 110 on my foot won me over. Underfoot the 110s feel similar to the Kinvara, but they have the extra space I need in the toe box. And did I mention they are silver? Cause that's what's up.

While I was trying on shoes, I added a few other items to my wish list:

Stripes, I love them.

Cool pockets with headphone openings? Yes, please. 

I've been looking for some casual, wear-with-jeans shoes that make me look taller. These could do it. 

Stripes on little kids are way cuter than stripes on adults. 

These chairs were in a sidewalk sale, and that teal one screamed for me to buy it. Now, I will be looking for its sister at the thrift store. 

**Last day to enter the Handana giveaway!

Would you rather listen to a book or read it?

Which trail shoes do you use? 

What's one thing on your current wish list? Price doesn't matter because it's a wish list, so dream big! Wait, that might change my list a little bit. Add a family vacation to Europe and a housekeeper.