November 15, 2012

Thrift store Thursday and shoe deals

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This week's thrift store haul didn't include much running-related material, except for the three runner magazines. The thrift store updated their magazine categories, so now instead of Lady Magazines, these mags were found under Women's Health. Getting closer. Still no luck if you are a dude trying to run because obviously if a girl is on the cover, you have nothing to learn from it. I think the magazine categories mostly get on my nerves because I have to look in more than one place to find Runner's World.

Note to thrift store magazine sorter (because I'm pretty sure you're reading this): Runner's World is the same magazine whether or not a lady or a dude is on the cover.

This week's haul

We originally went shopping for another pair of shoes for the twins, and we had luck with that one. Love it when a thrifty plan comes together. No more mandatory kid shoe shopping left for the season. Somehow we also found matching shirts for the twins. I now forgive you, thrift store, for that messed up magazine junk.

Also, we found out what you wear if you are a baby who jogs. Is anyone else picturing a tiny baby jogging on a treadmill right now?

I scored some other deals this week at Birmingham Fleet Feet. They have stacks of shoes on sale for $60 and a rack of clothes that are half off. 

Score #1: Nike tank for $14. I'm trying to add bright clothes to my collection for running in the dark. I also have a safety vest, but it will be easier to put something like this on before a long run. Yes, we can still wear tank tops for running in Alabama -- at least for a couple more weeks.

Score #2: Mizuno Wave Rider 15s for $60.

If all of my wishes came true, they would have been this color, but I'm still happy to have a cheapish new pair for my rotation. Currently, I'm rotating between these three shoes for the roads: Mizuno Wave Rider 14Karhu Fast3 Fulcrum Ride, and New Balance 890. My strategy is to have a few different brands in rotation and to buy last season's model on clearance.

Here's my lunch strategy for this week: rice, spinach, cilantro, mango salsa, purple onions, cheese, and avocado (added after I melted the cheese). I get on a roll and stick with the same lunch for days, weeks even. 

But I've been saving this pumpkin bread for a special day just like today. Since we don't have Trader Joe's nearby, we have to carefully allot our Trader Joe items until our next visit to Nashville. 

*Update: someone messaged me that Road Runner coupon code isn't currently working. I'll be back with an updated code soon. Sorry for the confusion!

Does anyone else have something super special planned for tonight? Like dressing up as a sparkly vampire.

What is your shoe rotating strategy? 

What lunch groove do you get stuck in? 


  1. I have about three pairs I have been rotating around. Two pairs of Nike Structures and a pair of Mizunos. I just got a new pair and my plan is to actually track the mileage I run in them instead of just wearing them until my legs start to hurt. Trying to get smarter around here:).

    1. Same here! Two of my pairs are not tracked, but I was determined to track the newest ones. I keep it in a note on my phone so I can type it in after each run in them.

  2. I heart those Mizuno Wave Rider 15's. I pray that our Fleet Feet has some on clearance around Black Friday!

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  4. That Nike top is really cute!! And I don't track my shoe mileage either. i KNOW I'm due a new pair last week...but it may need to wait a few more weeks.

    I SO want to see Twilight...but I want to see Bond first. Trying to find a babysitter.

    1. My husband would agree on the order of movie importance. He went to see Skyfall last week and really enjoyed it.

  5. WOW- Overly impressed with your thrift purchases. Magazines, new sneaks and running tanks? It makes me want to consider this before paying full price. Nice work!!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I buy things in the off season because I know I'll need it the next season anyway.

  6. you racked up! shocked you could find matching shirts for the twins. major score on the shoes. i need to go scout out my running stores for the older wave riders. i think it’s about time for new ones.

  7. I love your running store scores. I wish I had more than 1 pair of shoes so I could rotate them. At this point, I'm just excited to be adding more miles to the Asics I bought a couple months ago. Stupid injury!

  8. You're supposed to have a shoe rotation strategy? Crap! I wear one pair of shoes, NB 1080's and that's it. They hit their expiration date and I buy another pair of NB 1080's. I have total flintstone feet and can only wear NB's because they come in wide widths.

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