November 16, 2012

Two songs that will make you run faster

The faster part was not really true, but this song makes me want to run in general.

Then I remembered that it was one of the theme songs from the Olympics. Just another example of how I still haven't gotten over the Olympics. And that marketing completely works on me. And that I'm so out of touch with American Idol because I didn't even know he was related to that show (spoiler alert: he totally wins). I think I stopped watching after Ruben won -- because how could it get better than someone from Birmingham, AL, winning? It couldn't.

Speaking of Ruben, his half marathon is this weekend in Alabama. I half to three-quarters wish I was running it.

But back to the Olympics -- the official song for the games was Muse's "Survival." Did you guys hear this song during the Olympics? I don't remember hearing it at all.

But I like it, so I'm adding it to the play list too. It makes me feel like I'm marching to battle in Lord of the Rings.

Do you remember Ruben? I love that he started this race weekend in Birmingham.

Will you go to opening night of The Hobbit? I'm trying to speed read it with my kids so we can take them (minus the twins). I hope they do some early showings like they did with Breaking Dawn 2.

Do you agree that only mean, bossy moms make their kids read the books before they see the movies?