November 6, 2012

Voting and a giveaway winner

After this weekend's race and my two-second snafu, I almost decided to dig a hole for myself and fill it with Kit Kats and live there forever. Kidding, except for the Kit Kat part because I would really like a giant mound of them. Just five minutes ago, I felt like a crack addict when, after scrounging through my kids' Halloween candy bags, I thought there were no more Kit Kats left. My brain started screaming for Kit Kats and forced me to frantically paw through Nerds, Tootsie Rolls and Snickers until I struck chocolate wafer gold. It was the true last Kit Kat, and it is now in my belly. Do they have Kit Kat rehab? The weird thing is that I don't recall ever buying a Kit Kat at the store, but at Halloween, I go crazy for them. 

The kids owe me anyway because this is their idea of cleaning up their room. Step one, empty the drawers onto the floor in your room. Step two, throw everything back on top of your dresser and act like Step 1 never happened. 

This girl mentioned in her post today that she thought it was funny that people are posting social media reminders to vote because how could you not know it is election day. But some people still manage. I wore my "Trust me. I work for the government." shirt today. When someone at the gym asked me if I really work for the government, I said, "No, I just like to wear this shirt on election day." And I swear to you now, he said, "There is an election today?" Oh man. This is a person I see at the gym every day, so, no, he isn't living under a rock.

In other election news, we lined up beside a lady wearing a bathing suit in the election line. Pants are not required for voting in case anyone was wondering about that. At least in Alabama they aren't required. I can't vouch for other more-pants-wearing states.

And we have a winner! Sarah from Sweet and Savory by Sarah won the Due North traction aids. She lives in Wisconsin where the winter is plentiful. Safe running to you Sarah, and email me at yomommaruns(at) with your shipping info so I can send them right out to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered! 

And from the bottom of my sad runner heart, I want to thank you for all of your encouragement after Saturday's race. It really helped to make me feel better and see past the moment of despair to look forward to the future. I love you guys!